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VB.NET Imaging - DICOM Reading Using VB.NET

VB.NET DICOM Reader to Decode & Interpret DICOM File

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VB.NET DICOM Image Reading
Before creating a professional DICOM reading application in VB.NET class application, you have to know what DICOM is. Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is the industry standard that is designed for medical imaging filed, which provides various diagnostic and therapeutic equipment manufacturers a way to conduct digital communication. how to add image in pdf using itextsharp c#, itextsharp add text to pdf, pdf viewer user control c#, visual basic fill pdf, convert word byte array to pdf byte array c#, c# data matrix reader. Thus, DICOM is often used for medical information processing, storage, printing, recording and transmission.
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This VB.NET DICOM image reader control SDK is a mature & high-quality .NET solution. Using this VB.NET DICOM image viewer library toolkit, developers can not only easily and quickly view and extract the medical information that is stored in the DICOM file but also read the patient information that are encoded in the metadata of source DICOM file. pdf metadata c#, create pdf c# itextsharp, c# pdf remove page, read pdf file using itextsharp, itextsharp convert pdf to text c#, convert csv to pdf c# .net, itextsharp add text to pdf.
In order to help you have a better and deeper understanding of this VB.NET image viewer SDK, we divide this online tutorial page for how to read & decode DICOM image file using VB.NET code programmatically into following four aspects. how to edit pdf file using itextsharp in, mvc open word document in browser, asp net mvc generate pdf from view itextsharp, c# pdf viewer, display excel spreadsheet, multipage tiff viewer with thumbnails, preview pdf in
  • What are the key features of this VB.NET DICOM file viewer library SDK
  • Brief instructions on those VB.NET DICOM image reader control SDK dlls
  • Detailed VB.NET programming code on how to decode & interpret DICOM file
  • Frequently asked questions on RasterEdge VB.NET DICOM image viewer assembly SDK
VB.NET DICOM Image Viewer SDK Features
  • Advanced VB.NET DICOM image reader control SDK that is completely developed in .NET Framework application
  • Offer easy to use API for VB.NET developers to decode & interpret DICOM image file
  • Metadata that is encoded in source DICOM file can be also read by this VB.NET DICOM image reader control SDK
  • Allow developers to decode standard DICOM image file to different colorspaces using VB.NET programming code
  • High-quality VB.NET DICOM image viewer control SDK with reasonable developing licenses
There are two compact dlls that are included in this VB.NET DICOM image viewer SDK, which are RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll and RasterEdge.Imaging.DICOM.dll. The former library offers API for developers to load source DICOM file from PC local files or web server. The later assembly is designed to help VB.NET programmers open, decode, read & process DICOM file in .NET developing applications.
Besides this VB.NET DICOM reading control assembly, RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK also offer other VB.NET document image reading SDKs, like VB.NET PDF document reader SDK, VB.NET Word document decoding & reading SDK and VB.NET TIFF image file reading & interpreting library SDK.
VB.NET Demo Code to Read DICOM File
In this part, we offer you a detailed VB.NET programming example, which you can use to read & decode all the medical information from source DICOM file.
Public Shared FolderName As String = "c:/"
Private Sub button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)

string fileName = FolderName + "Sample..dicom"

REImage reImage = (REImage)REFile.OpenDocumentFile(fileName, new DICMDecoder()).GetPage(0).ToImage()

DicomDecoder : ImageDecoder, IDisposable

End Sub
Here we recommend you a link which you can follow to view a detailed online tutorial page for how to read & interpret DICOM image using Visual C# .NET programming code.
Q 1: What are the system requirements of this VB.NET DICOM viewer & reader control SDK?
A 1: This VB.NET DICOM reading and processing control SDK can be integrated seamlessly into all VB.NET imaging applications which have installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or later versions and .NET Framework 2.0 or greater versions.

Q 2: Using this VB.NET DICOM image reading control SDK, can I view and decode DICOM image file in web browser?
A 2: This VB.NET DICOM image reading control SDK alone can not allow developers to view DICOM image file within a web browser. But if you integrate this .NET web document image viewer control add-on into this VB.NET DICOM image reading application, you can easily decode and viewe DICOM image file in most modern web browsers.
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