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VB.NET Excel - Reading and Processing Tutorial

Use .NET Excel Reading SDK to Read and Process Excel Doc in VB.NET

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

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  • Brief introduction of Microsoft Excel document in VB.NET
  • Outstanding features of this VB.NET Excel Reading SDK
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Microsoft Excel Document Introduction
Microsoft Excel document can be used in many .NET applications using C# or VB language, such as ASP.NET and .NET WinForms. mvc pdf editor, how to add header and footer in pdf using itextsharp in, free pdf preview in asp net c#, open word file in c#, mvc display pdf in partial view, load pdf file c#, display excel spreadsheet. It is an electronic spreadsheet program which can be used to store, manipulate and create graphical representations of data. An Excel document is composed of grid of rows and columns. The intersection point between a row and a column is known as a cell that can be used to hold numbers, text or formulas. There are many versions of Microsoft Excel document, including Excel 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, etc. Our VB.NET Excel Reading SDK supports Excel 2007 or later versions.
Main Features
Our VB.NET Microsoft Excel Reading Library is a professional toolkit which can integrate multiple Excel processing features into VB.NET application. For more detailed information, please view the following table which gives brief explanations for main supported features.
Get Started with Excel Doc in VB.NET VB.NET Excel Document Data Export Feature
Our VB.NET Excel Reading SDK enables you to create a new Excel document, load existing Excel document from local file or stream and save Excel document to local file or memory stream in VB.NET application. By using our Excel control, VB.NET developers are able to export data of target Excel document accurately, which is an outstanding feature of our VB.NET Microsoft Excel product.
Function of Creating Excel Doc Viewers in VB Class Process Excel Doc Page (Sheet) in VB.NET
An advanced function of this VB.NET Excel Reading SDK is to create web viewer, Windows Forms viewer and mobile viewer through VB.NET programming to help you view and edit Excel document easily. VB.NET developers are supposed to process Excel document page with our VB.NET Excel Control. For example, you are capable of adding image to Excel worksheet, merging two or more Excel documents, extracting pages from Excel document and so on.
Add Annotations on Excel Worksheet Using VB Code Barcode Reading from Excel Doc in VB.NET
Users can use our VB.NET Excel Reading SDK to add various kinds of annotations on Microsoft Excel document worksheet in VB.NET application, such as callout annotation, free hand annotation, line annotation, etc. Our Excel Reading Control for VB.NET can be used to quickly read and decode multiple linear and two-dimensional barcodes from target Excel document spreadsheet. Supported barcode types include QR Code, Code 39, GS1-128 and so on.
Excel Converting to Other Image Formats in VB Barcode Creating in Excel Doc Using VB Code
If you want to convert Excel document into other raster and vector image formats with simple VB.NET programming, this Excel Library for VB.NET which supports BMP, JPEG, PNG and more image formats will help you a lot. This VB.NET Excel Add-On may be used provided that you want create standard 1D and 2D (such as Data Matrix, PDF-417, EAN-13, etc) barcode symbologies in your Excel document in an easy way.
Excel Doc Metadata Support in VB.NET Create Watermark on Excel Page in VB.NET
Developers are competent to read, process and save metadata of specific Microsoft Excel document through VB.NET programming if our mature VB.NET Excel Doc Reading Component is used. For VB.NET developers who have a demand of creating and locating watermark in the form of text or graphics on certain Excel document page, we advise you to apply our VB.NET Excel Reading Control to your application.

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