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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET is a mature and professional form processing and recognition SDK applicable in VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET. It is used to scan, clean up, align and identify forms in VB project. Our form processing SDK library is compatible with OCR recognition control, barcode creating control and document management control, etc. c# print pdf adobe reader, c# change text in pdf, pdf editor in c#, itextsharp add image to pdf, print pdf without acrobat, qr code c# sample. All these image .NET SDKs make form processing more accurate and efficient.
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There are a variety of form types, including application, orders, claims, requests, survey forms and so on. Some forms are very important and critical. Companies need to store, view and process form data on the pc. core pdf editor, display pdf in mvc, show image in gridview c#, core pdf preview, how to show pdf file in page c#, free tiff viewer, mvc open excel file. Compared with manual process of data entry, automated form processing SDK in VB class has many advantages and solve many common issues.
  • Avoid typos caused by manual typing with VB.NET OCR scanning technology
  • Save time and effort by installing VB.NET form processing application on your pc
  • Increase data accuracy with error checking and validation function in VB.NET
  • Reduce labor cost and speed up time with RasterEdge form processing VB application
  • Scan and digitize 200 pages per minute by using automated VB form processing method
  • Printed text, hand printed text, barcodes and checkboxes can be input instantly
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Templates and configurations of the forms processing software in VB.NET is customizable. Uses can decide where to locate the data fields within the form or document. This automated form data entry system reduces many problems caused by manual data entry. For C# developers, please go to C# form processing SDK.
Form Scanning Technology in VB.NET
Different types of form scanning methods are used by RasterEdge form processing SDK in VB.NET application. They are optical character recognition (OCR) useful for machined printed forms, optical mark reading (OMR) helpful for check/mark sense boxes and intelligent character recognition (ICR) useful for hand printed forms.
This advanced form scanning component in VB class greatly increases input accuracy with built in checking and database validating system. You should choose appropriate character recognition technologies while you are scanning different types of forms.
View Forms with VB.NET Windows & Web Viewer
Windows Forms viewer and ASP.NET web image viewer are available for users to view and display electronic forms in VB application. Forms will be displayed in full screen or fit to the width of the screen. You can even decide the form displaying size in the image .NET viewer through zooming in and zooming out. For multi-page form document, it is easy to go to the next page or return to the previously displaying page with a few clicks.
Process Forms in the VB.NET Image Viewer
RasterEge image viewer SDK in VB.NET has many from processing functions such as despeckle, deskew, align and classify forms. Apart from detecting 1D or 2D barcodes, barcode creating add-on for VB.NET can also draw and insert barcodes on the image forms immediately. You can even annotate text and graphics on forms for collaboration and markup purposes with our robust image annotation add-on in VB.NET. More other form processing functions can be found in the RasterEdge image SDK package. Evaluation license and sample codes are contained in the folder. Please download this package on the top right of our web page.
Print Modified Forms in VB project
After making some modifications on the forms, you may want to print out the modified forms. Image form printing add-on in VB.NET developed by our company can be integrated into the VB project built in Visual Studio. The form format and annotation text can all be printed out. Please make sure you have checked your forms before using form printing add-on.
RasterEdge .NET imaging SDK is capable of scanning, viewing, processing and printing forms in an efficient way with our DLLs libraries. If you have any questions on how to operate forms automatically, please send an email to us.
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