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VB.NET Imaging - Add Ellipse Annotation in VB.NET

Use VB.NET Code to Create Ellipse Annotation on Doc and Image

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

With this VB.NET Annotation Tool, developers are capable of creating ellipse and other annotations in VB.NET application. Developers can determine the location of ellipse annotation to be added in the figure. add image to pdf itextsharp, itextsharp read pdf fields, itextsharp pdf to image, add image to pdf itextsharp, c# parse pdf itextsharp, c# create pdf417. Size of the ellipse annotation can also be controlled using VB.NET code. Moreover, ellipse annotation can be created on various image and document formats using VB.NET class.
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  • Able to create ellipse annotation on PDF using VB.NET programming
  • Support adding ellipse annotation in Word document in VB.NET
  • Easy to make ellipse annotation on TIFF file with VB.NET project
  • Capable of generating ellipse annotation on BMP using VB
  • Simple to create ellipse annotation on JPEG format in VB.NET
  • Able to use VB.NET code to add ellipse annotation on PNG image
  • Enable users to make ellipse annotation on GIF in VB.NET class
Here is a tutorial that tells users how to integrate ellipse annotation functions into the VB.NET program. Ellipse annotation in this VB.NET tutorial means ellipse-shaped objects with text placed inside it. You can use an ellipse annotation to display extra information on your document image file. There are also many other purposes of using ellipse annotation in different areas. docx to pdf, word to pdf c# sample, itextsharp how to create pdf with a table design and embed image in c#, pdf annotator c# free, c# get thumbnail of pdf, c# pdf remove page, convert pdf to png
Ellipse Annotation Library Features in VB
Our VB.NET Ellipse Annotation Control is widely used by developers in VB.NET programs to create ellipse annotation due to its advanced and high quality features. View the following list of its main features. view tiff image, display pdf in mvc, asp net remove image from pdf, pdf preview in c#, c# pdf viewer, show excel file in browser, pdf editor component.
  • Professional ellipse annotation SDK for VB.NET image & document processing project
  • Able to generate ellipse annotation in a quite easy-to-use way in VB.NET code
  • Offer independent functions for VB.NET developers to customize the edge property
  • Generate ellipse annotation that contains a shadow with user-defined color, size & transparency
  • Free to adjust the sizing options of created ellipse annotation using VB.NET code
  • Draw ellipse annotation on common image formats, like png, gif & bmp
  • Add ellipse annotation to document files, like PDF & Word, in VB.NET application
  • Support to burn created ellipse annotation on documents, images & pictures using VB.NET
How to Create Ellipse Annotation in VB
It is easy to create ellipse annotation using VB.NET programming with our VB.NET Annotation Library. This section will show you how to complete ellipse annotation generation in a simple solution. RasterEdge .Imaging.Basic.dll and RasterEdge .Imaging.Annotation.dll in the evaluation package of our VB.NET Annotation Library will be used as your project references.
After establishing your VB.NET project in Visual Studio, you can copy the following sample code to your project to create ellipse annotation. Using VB.NET code, you are also able to customize ellipse annotation on your document or image by changing its parameters, such as width, height and filled shape.
     Imports System.Collections.Generic
Imports System.ComponentModel
Imports System.Data
Imports System.Drawing
Imports System.Text
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation
Imports System.Diagnostics
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.Basic

Namespace RasterEdge.Imaging.Demo.Annotation
Public Class EllipseAnnotationDemo
' *
' *
' * SDK Dependency:
' * RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.dll
' *
' *

Public Shared Sub Test()
Dim obj As New EllipseAnnotation()
' set annotation size
obj.X = 60F
obj.Y = 45F
obj.Width = 156F
obj.Height = 228F

'set annotation edge property
obj.OutLine = New LinePen()
obj.OutLine.Width = 5F
'set annotation edge width
obj.OutLine.Brush = New AnnotationBrush()
obj.OutLine.Brush.FillType = RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.FillType.Solid
'set annotation edge style
obj.OutLine.Brush.Solid_Color = Color.Blue
'set annotation edge color
'set filled shape property
obj.Fill = New AnnotationBrush()
obj.Fill.FillType = RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.FillType.Solid
'set filled shape style
obj.Fill.Solid_Color = Color.Gray
'set filled shape color
'set shadow property
obj.ShadowFill = New AnnotationBrush()
obj.ShadowFill.FillType = RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.FillType.Solid
'set shadow style
obj.ShadowFill.Solid_Color = Color.DarkGreen
'set shadow color
obj.ShadowX = 20F
'set shadow position
obj.ShadowY = 20F
obj.ShowShadow = True
'show shadow or not
Dim folderName As String = "C:/"
Dim img As Bitmap = obj.CreateAnnotation()
img.Save(folderName & "EllipseAnnotation.png")
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
End Sub
End Class
End Namespace
Annotation provides possibility to add texts and geometrical elements to figures. As with the above instructions, users are able to easily create ellipse annotation on documents and images in VB.NET application. We also offer a guide for C#.NET developers to add ellipse annotation through Visual C# programming.
Create Other Annotations in VB.NET
Annotations are often used to add remarks or comments on pages of your document. They can be modified, controlled and saved independently of your document or image. Usually, you are allowed to add annotations on image or document without changing the image or document itself. What's more, generated annotations can be edited, pasted, merged or deleted based on your own needs.
RasterEdge offers several different kinds of annotations to comment and enhance your documents and images. With our VB.NET Annotation Library, users are able to create callout annotation, freehand line annotation, hot Spot annotation, line annotation, polygon annotation, rectangle annotation, rubber stamp annotation and text annotation in VB.NET application.

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