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VB.NET Imaging - Add Polygon Annotation in VB.NET

.NET Annotator SDK to Draw Polygon Annotation on Image Using VB.NET

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

VB.NET Imaging - Polygon Annotation Control
This online tutorial page aims to provide you a detailed guidance on how to add & draw polygon annotation on image or document files using VB.NET programming code. barcode reader codeproject, c# itextsharp read pdf image, pdf, mvc pdf editor, visual basic create pdf, c# parse pdf form. In order to achieve this task, we divide this VB.NET polygon annotation imaging tutorial page into following aspects.
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  • Function list of this VB.NET polygon annotator control SDK
  • Brief introduction of the VB.NET polygon annotation SDK dlls
  • Detailed illustration on the methods that are used to create polygon annotation using VB.NET code
  • Sample VB.NET programming example for drawing polygon annotation in .NET imaging application
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VB.NET Polygon Annotator Component Functions
  • 100% thread-safe VB.NET annotating solution that is specifically designed for .NET Framework developers
  • Offer APIs for VB.NET programmers to draw regular or irregular polygon annotation on image file
  • The shape and location of polygon annotation can be accurately defined using the X & Y location in VB.NET
  • Allow developers to adjust the background color & transparency of created polygon annotation using VB.NET code
  • Provide separate VB.NET code for developers to customize the edge and shadow properties of created polygon annotation
  • Written in managed C# code, this VB.NET polygon annotating SDK is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 or above versions
VB.NET DLLs for Polygon Annotation on Image & Doc
This VB.NET polygon annotator add-on contains two compact dlls, which are RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.dll and RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll. core open excel file, preview pdf in, pdf editor, mvc display pdf, remove image from pdf page, show image in datalist c#, pdf viewer for web application. The former library contains rich APIs which VB.NET developers can use to create and customize various annotations, including polygon annotation, in .NET image application. The later .NET imaging dll can be used to save generated polygon annotations to separate image files, like png, jpeg and gif.
In essence, these two VB.NET polygon annotator SDK dlls can be counted as a professional .NET image annotation SDK, which can be used to create the most common 7 types of annotations on various image files. What's more, if coupled with .NET PDF document imaging add-on, the VB.NET annotator SDK can easily generate polygon annotation on PDF file without using external PDF editing software.
For example, if you want to add text annotation on your source imaging file, you can use VB.NET callout annotating method or VB.NET text annotating method. If you want to underline or mark the content of target document image file, you can try VB.NET freehand annotator control, VB.NET line annotator control or VB.NET rectangle annotation control. If you want to authorize source document file, you can add a digital rubber stamp using this VB.NET rubber stamp annotation.
VB.NET Methods to Add Polygon Annotation
In this section, we list all the methods that may be involved into the process of adding polygon annotation to image files in VB.NET imaging application.
Public Shared Function 
CreatePolygonAnnotation(points As LinePoint()) As PolygonAnnotation
End Function

Public Shared Function
CreatePolygonAnnotation(points As LinePoint(), outline As AnnotationPen, fill As AnnotationBrush) As PolygonAnnotation
End Function

Public Shared Function
CreatePolygonAnnotation(points As LinePoint(), outline As AnnotationPen, fill As AnnotationBrush, shadow As AnnotationBrush) As PolygonAnnotation
End Function

Public Shared Function
CreatePolygonAnnotation(points As LinePoint(), outline As AnnotationPen, fill As AnnotationBrush, shadow As AnnotationBrush, shadowX As Single, shadowY As Single) As PolygonAnnotation
End Function
VB.NET Demo Code to Draw Polygon Annotation
Here we provide developers a complete VB.NET sample code, which is used to illustrate how to define the shape of polygon annotation, how to fill created polygon annotation with desired background color, how to set the width & color of edge and shadow and how to save created polygon annotation as an individual image file format.
Imports System.Collections.Generic
Imports System.ComponentModel
Imports System.Data
Imports System.Drawing
Imports System.Text
Imports System.Windows.Forms
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation
Imports System.Diagnostics
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.Basic

Namespace annotation_trial
Public Partial Class Form1
Inherits Form
Public Sub New()
End Sub

Private Sub button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)

Dim obj As New PolygonAnnotation()
'set Track points
obj.Points = New List(Of LinePoint)()
obj.Points.Add(New LinePoint(146.4023F, 89.32969F))
obj.Points.Add(New LinePoint(163.918F, 415.1203F))
obj.Points.Add(New LinePoint(337.3227F, 418.6234F))
obj.Points.Add(New LinePoint(486.2055F, 348.5609F))
obj.Points.Add(New LinePoint(304.043F, 155.8891F))
obj.Points.Add(New LinePoint(284.7758F, 91.08125F))
obj.Points.Add(New LinePoint(284.7758F, 91.08125F))

'set annotation edge property
obj.OutLine = New LinePen()
obj.OutLine.Width = 3F
'set edge width
obj.OutLine.Brush = New AnnotationBrush()
obj.OutLine.Brush.FillType = RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.FillType.Solid
'set annotation edge style
obj.OutLine.Brush.Solid_Color = Color.OrangeRed
'set annotation edge color
'set the property of filled shape
obj.Fill = New AnnotationBrush()
obj.Fill.FillType = RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.FillType.Solid
'set filled shape style
obj.Fill.Solid_Color = Color.OrangeRed
'set filled shape color
'set the property of shadow
'obj.ShadowFill = new AnnotationBrush();
'obj.ShadowFill.FillType = RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.FillType.Solid;//set shadow style
'obj.ShadowFill.Solid_Color = Color.Green;//set shadow color
'obj.ShadowX = 10.0F;//set shadow position
'obj.ShadowY = 12.0F;
'obj.ShowShadow = true;//show shadow or not

Dim folderName As String = "C:/"
Dim img As Bitmap = obj.CreateAnnotation()
img.Save(folderName & "PolygonAnnotation.png")
End Sub

End Class
End Namespace
VB.NET Polygon Annotating SDK FAQs
Q: I want to integrate a mature VB.NET polygon annotating SDK into my .NET imaging application, which can help me create a high-quality polygon annotation with a border on it. Does this VB.NET polygon annotating control add-on meet my need?
A: Yes, using RasterEdge VB.NET polygon annotation control add-on, you are allowed to adjust the border width, border style and border color of created polygon annotation. Besides, this VB.NET polygon annotator SDK also offers VB.NET developers the API to add a customized shadow to generated polygon annotation image.

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