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How to Add Annotation to Image with Visual Basic .NET Image Library

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

RasterEdge .NET Image SDK has included an advanced Visual Basic .NET image annotation library which allows you to mark and annotate your local images (such as png, jpeg, gif, tiff and bmp) or documents (like multi-page TIFF, Microsoft Office Word and PDF file). how to open pdf file in form, read pdf to text, itextsharp pdfreader, c# split pdf into images, print pdf, c# combine tiff files into one.
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This VB.NET image annotation library SDK is very user-friendly in that it has provided a variety of annotation types to cater to your different needs, such as callout annotation, ellipse / polygon / rectangle / line annotation, as well as freehand / rubber stamp / hot spot / text annotation. With this library integrated into your VB.NET program, you will be enabled to add a wide range of annotation shapes onto your image. save form as pdf, pdf open password, c# convert image to pdf pdfsharp, read pdf file itextsharp, convert pdf to text file, c# create editable pdf, pdf ocr.
On top of that, you are also able to adjust various image annotation settings with this VB.NET library component. You can freely control the annotation shapes, the outline size (width and height), color, and also font style / size for the text annotation. pdf preview in c#, edit pdf in mvc, itextsharp add image to pdf, mvc display pdf, open word file in c#, multipage tiff viewer, display pdf. All image annotations can be accurately located to any area of the image by specifying the coordinates with VB.NET programming language.
As a Visual Basic .NET programmer, you might need some other image annotating tutorials besides adding annotation using VB.NET codings. Please navigate to the user manuals listed below, or find more on the left side navigation:
This page is aimed to provide developers with the tutorials for Visual Basic .NET image annotation using RasterEdge Image SDK for .NET. Listed here is the layout of this guiding page:
  • Visual Basic .NET image annotation function introduction
  • Visual Basic .NET image annotation tutorials with .NET imaging library SDK
  • More tutorials for Visual Basic .NET image processing application
VB.NET Image Annotation Functions
VB Image Callout Annotation: With RasterEdge VB.NET image annotation control, you can customize the text content, color and width for the outline, and image size (by setting the annotation width and height). When annotating is done, you can simply save the new image to your local directory for other purposes.
VB Image Ellipse Annotation : Ellipse annotation is very useful for circling out something important in your image. This VB.NET imaging library enables you to control the brush color & width, the fill color for the ellipse, sizing and location. In addition, you can add shadow to the ellipse annotation to your specified location.
VB Image Freehand Annotation : As the name suggests, freehand annotation can be very helpful if you want to draw irregular shapes or lines onto your images. Users can simply specify dots using VB.NET programming to create any freehand annotation as you wish. Again, you can freely adjust many properties like color, location and style.
VB Image Hotspot Annotation : RasterEdge provides VB developers with two demos so you can create a simple hotspot annotation and a hotspot freehand annotation. You can find the demos from the download package under "Demos" directory, which is named "HotSpotAnnotationDemo.cs" and "HotSpotFreehandAnnotationDemo.cs" respectively.
VB Image Line Annotation : You can draw a line annotation with this VB image library as well, by specifying the connecting spots in the line, such as the starting point and the stopping one. You can get detailed Visual Basic .NET demo codes in the table below.
VB Image Polygon Annotation : To create any kinds of polygon on your images as annotation, you only need to set each line point. Using complete VB demo codes, you will put the polygon annotation to your images as you wish.
VB Image Rectangle Annotation : You can also add a rectangle to your VB.NET project image as an annotation, with user-defined width / height, color, and opacity (degree of transparency ranging from 0 to 100).
VB Image Rubber Stamp Annotation : In addition, we provide rubber stamp annotation for image processing in VB.NET, so you can add annotations like "approved" or "rejected" to your png, jpeg, gif, tiff or bmp image.
VB Image Text Annotation : In case you want to put some texts onto your image as annotation, just use this text annotation. You will be enabled with the capacity to control text location, font size / style with VB.NET codes.
VB.NET Image Annotation Tutorials
Once you have downloaded the RasterEdge Image SDK for .NET and unzipped it, you will find the image annotation control library in "bin" folder: RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.dll. This VB.NET image library, when used along with the RasterEdge basic image processing library, can enable developers to add different types of annotations into your images in VB.NET. Here are the detailed online tutorials for you.
Visual Basic .NET Callout Annotation Visual Basic .NET Polygon Annotation
How to add a callout annotation into your Visual Basic .NET image processing application. How to add a callout annotation into your Visual Basic .NET image editing program.
VB.NET Ellipse Annotation VB.NET Rectangle Annotation
Follow this Visual Basic .NET guide to annotate an image with an ellipse and adjust settings. Follow this Visual Basic .NET tutorial to add a rectangle annotation on a picture and adjust settings.
Freehand Annotation for Image in VB.NET Rubber Stamp Annotation for Image in VB.NET
Adding a user-defined freehand annotation to your image with Visual Basic .NET sample codes. Printing a rubber stamp annotation to your image using Visual Basic .NET sample codes.
VB.NET Imaging: Hot Spot Annotation VB.NET Image: Text Annotation
View step by step guidance and VB.NET sample codes to add a hotspot annotation to your images. View step by step guidance and VB.NET sample codes to add a text annotation to your images.
Line Annotation for VB.NET Image
This is a guide with VB.NET demo codes to show you how to add a line annotation in your image processing project.
More Tutorials!
More online tutorials for using DocImage SDK for .NET in VB.NET applications!

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