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VB.NET Imaging - Image Color Adjustment Using VB

Example of Image Color Adjustment in Visual Basic .NET Application

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

This page aims at demonstrating how to complete image color adjustment with our VB.NET Image Processing Library. Generally speaking, color adjustment is often applied to change the overall tone of your image or remove unwanted colors from your image in graphics and image-editing programs. c# read tiff compression, pdf js asp net mvc, pdf to image converter, pdf text extract, c# libtiff example, c# tiff encoder. Through VB.NET programming, color adjustment can affect a small part of the image you selected or influence the entire image. Using this VB.NET Imaging Control, you are able to adjust your image color to your satisfaction in VB.NET application. read text from pdf c#, itextsharp how to create pdf with a table design and embed image in c#, pdf annotation in c#, itextsharp edit existing pdf c#, read pdf text, what is metadata in c# with example, pdf add pages.
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There are many elements of image color that can be adjusted with our VB.NET Image Processing Control by creating a VB.NET project. show excel file in browser, mvc view to pdf itextsharp, pdf reader in c#, asp net replace text from pdf javascript, pdf preview in c#, open word document, core pdf editor. One element of color adjustment that is available in many graphics programs is color balance. Different color elements adjustment will bring a specific effect on an image. For example, color balance adjustment enables you to control the proportion of red, green and blue color in an image. Here is a list of image color adjustment options supported by our VB.NET Image Processing Control.
  • Allow for brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Support saturation and hue adjustment
  • Perform black & white effect on an image
  • Apply balance color effect on an image
  • Apply color leveling to an image
  • Replace color of certain image area
  • Apply selective color to an image
  • Invert the colors in an image
  • Perform a poster effect on an image
Image Color Adjustment in VB.NET
In order to use our VB.NET Imaging Library to adjust your image color, you may need to install Visual Studio 2005 or later versions at first so that you can establish a program using VB language. Then, you can locate the following two dlls from our VB.NET Imaging Library trial package to your project.
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.Processing.dll
As there are many image color elements that can be adjusted in VB.NET application, we just give your VB.NET demo codes of adjusting some of them in this section. If you have a demand, you can copy them to your Visual Studio projects.

VB.NET Code to Adjust Image Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue

If you are intending to improve brightness, contrast, saturation and hue properties of an image, the following VB.NET demo code can be used. Adjusting the brightness and contrast highlights mid-tones and shadows to bring out detail in either light or dark areas.
     Dim openImage As New REImage("C://REImage.gif")
Dim adj As Integer = 10
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.adjustBrightness(openImage, adj)
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.adjustContrast(openImage, adj)
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.adjustSaturation(openImage, adj)
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.adjustHue(openImage, adj)

VB.NET Code to Extract Different Color Components of Image

VB.NET sample code below is provided to help you extract different color components from your target image and save the changed image as a new one.
     Dim srcImg As New REImage("C://REImage.gif")
Dim newImg As New REImage("C://newREImage.gif")
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.replaceRedComponent(srcImg, newImg)
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.replaceGreenComponent(srcImg, newImg)
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.replaceBlueComponent(srcImg, newImg)

VB.NET Code to Apply Invert Effect on Image

Inverting colors in an image of any format (such as TIFF, PNG, BMP, etc) will be easy if you copy the following VB.NET demo code to your program.
     Dim srcImg As New REImage("C://REImage.gif")

VB.NET Code to Replace Red Component in Source Image

For developers who want to replace red component in source image by a new image, VB.NET demo code can be utilized.
     Dim openImage As New REImage("C://REImage.gif")
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.selectRedComponent(openImage)
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.selectGreenComponent(openImage)
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.selectBlueComponent(openImage)
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.selectCyanComponent(openImage)
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.selectMagentaComponent(openImage)
Dim savaImage As REImage = ImageProcessing.selectYellowComponent(openImage)
With the above VB.NET demo codes, it is easy to complete color adjustment for your image in VB.NET programming. But if you want to establish a C#.NET program to finish these image color adjustments, you may refer to our C#.NET image color adjustment tutorial. Free C# demo code for image color adjustment is also offered on this tutorial.
More Image Processing Options in VB.NET
If you are looking for other image processing controls that can be used in VB.NET application other than image color adjustment, you can view the VB.NET image processing function list shown below. All of these imaging functions are supported by our VB.NET Imaging SDK.
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