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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

After getting an image / picture / photo with image capturing device, in general, people will perform some editing or processing functions on source image file. print pdf file in c#, replace text in pdf using pdfsharp c#, mvc pdf editor, azure pdf ocr, embed pdf in mvc view, c# tiff reader. To some degree, an efficient .NET image processing solution will be a necessity for most modern VB imaging applications.
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To meet this requirement, RasterEdge provides this VB.NET image processor control SDK which owns the APIs for developers to create image thumbnail, resize, crop, scale, flip, rotate and watermark source image file. Besides, if you want to apply some popular image effects to target image file, like image sharpening, image vintage effect creating, image color adjusting and image filtering, this VB.NET image processing control is also suitable. open excel file on client, pdf editor in mvc, open word document in browser, remove text from pdf online, mvc display pdf in partial view, how to show pdf file in page c#, free pdf preview in asp net c#.
This article can be counted as an index page for RasterEdge VB.NET image processor control SDK. And following is a brief article layout of this VB.NET image editor control SDK online tutorial page. split pdf, convert pdf page to bitmap c#, c# ocr pdf, add watermark to pdf using itextsharp c#, c# read pdf text, convert pdf to html c# online, add watermark to pdf
  • Key features of this VB.NET image processor control SDK
  • Function list of this VB.NET image processing and editing library toolkit
  • Frequently asked questions about RasterEdge VB.NET image processing assembly add-on
VB.NET Image Processor Control SDK Features
  • 100% managed .NET solution that can process image in any VB.NET developing applications
  • Robust VB.NET image processing library control that is built in .NET Framework 2.0 application
  • Compact rich image editing functions into several small-size libraries that are compatible with VB.NET programming language
How to Process Image Using VB.NET
In this section, we will show you all supported image processing and editing functions. If you want to see detailed VB.NET programming examples, please follow the attached links.
VB.NET Image Resizer Control to Resize Image VB.NET Image Flipping Library to Flip Image
If you want to change the original size of source image file in VB.NET class application, this VB.NET image resizer control add-on is a good choice. Using this VB.NET image flipping control plug-in, developers can easily flip source image file horizontally or vertically.
VB.NET Image Cropping Assembly to Crop Image VB.NET Image Thumbnail Creator Control SDK
How to cut out an unwanted part from source image file in VB.NET imaging application? Try this mature image cropper control add-on. From this online tutorial page, you will know the programming way to generate thumbnail image using VB.NET.
VB.NET Image Rotator Add-on to Rotate Image VB.NET Watermark Maker to Watermark Image
Using this VB.NET image rotator add-on, developers can rotate source image file from 1 degree to 360 degrees in a programming way (the minimum image rotation increment is 1 degree). And the rotated image file can be saved to your PC as a new image file. If you want to declare the copyright of target image file, a mature VB.NET image watermarking solution will be much helpful. The watermark created by this VB.NET image watermark maker control can be placed on the top of or under image content.
VB.NET Image Scaling Component Toolkit
This VB.NET image scaling control toolkit is developed to provide VB.NET programmers the API to scale source image file (reduce or enlarge image file proportionally) by programming code.
VB.NET Image Processing Control SDK FAQs
Q 1: Does this VB.NET image processing control SDK allow developers to process & edit image in bulk?
A 1: Sorry, the APIs that RasterEdge VB.NET image processor control SDK has offered only allow developers to process one image file at a time.

Q 2: After I apply various image processing functions to source image file using this VB.NET image editor control SDK, will the original image file be changed permanently?
A 2: This VB.NET image editor control SDK allows developers process target image file and save edited image as new file. Thus, the original image file will not be changed.
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