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VB.NET Imaging - JBIG2 Codec Using VB.NET

Mature JBIG2 Codec SDK for Scanned Images in VB.NET

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RasterEdge JBIG2 codec (encode and decode bi-level images) control in VB.NET adopts JBIG2 standard completely. It supports lossy and lossless image compression modes for bitonal images which normally consists of black and white. print to pdf, itextsharp excel to pdf example c#, c# pdfsharp extract text from pdf, c# printdocument pdf example, how to read pdf file in c#, convert tiff to pdf c# itextsharp. This JBIG2 codec technology improves the quality of scanned images through font learning and high quality image compression.
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Images decoded by our JBIG2 codec SDK for VB.NET is three to five times smaller than the Fax Group 4 and two to four times smaller than the previous released standard JBIG1. The image quality will remain almost the same as the source image even after many times of encoding and decoding. convert pdf to png c#, convert pdf to text, search pdf for text, convert pdf to bmp c#, pdf to tiff converter, add watermark to pdf using itextsharp c#, pdf preview.
Not only do we support JBIG2 image compression in VB.NET, we also provide C# JBIG2 codec for C# programmer and ASP.NET JBIG2 codec in VB.NET and Win Forms JBIG2 codec in VB.NET for developer in different .NET Framework. Please make sure you have activated a license key and find DLLs required before using JBIG2 codec. You are going to learn more about JBIG codec image compression in VB.NET from the following aspects. mvc pdf editor, tiff viewer control, preview pdf, mvc pdf viewer free, load pdf file c#, core image viewer, asp net remove image from pdf.
  • Features of JBIG2 codec using VB codes
  • JBIG2 codec and OCR in VB application
  • JBIG2 codec and PDF in VB.NET
  • JBIG2 codec: compression technique in VB.NET
  • Questions about RasterEdge VB JBIG2 codec
Features of JBIG2 Codec Using VB Codes
  • Support lossy and lossless image compression modes in VB project
  • Capable of compressing black and white images into PDF document
  • Seamlessly integrate with other RasterEdge VB.NET image SDKs
  • Output smaller file size than other compressing solution in VB.NET
  • Detect, encode and decode various image formats in Visual Studio VB project
  • High compression ratio for bi-level images in VB Windows or Web application
  • Use symbol dictionary and symbol search in JBIG2 codec for VB.NET
JBIG2 Codec and OCR in VB Application
Are JBIG2 compression (encoding and decoding) add-on and OCR (scanning text out of images) recognition add-on related in VB project? The answer is yes. RasterEdge JBIG2 codec in Visual Basic programming language is compatible with OCR recognition SDK in VB.NET to improve the speed and quality of scanned image.
Font learning is an important aspect in JBIG2 compression and OCR scanning. So the two add-ons can check the same text font scanned from images. Apart from cross-checking text font feature, JBIG2 codec library can be used to improve OCR recognition. Because JBIG2 compression control in VB.NET can compress and decompress multipage documents at the same time, while OCR engine can only run one page at one time. It is faster than OCR scanning.
JBIG2 Codec and PDF in VB.NET
RasterEdge JBIG2 codec control in VB.NET is capable of embedding compressed bitonal images into PDF files and decompress images from PDF files quickly with the smallest quality loss. The encoded images in PDF file can also be viewed and processed online through our VB.NET PDF web viewer.
JBIG2 Codec: Compression Technique in VB.NET
RasterEdge JBIG2 Codec for VB.NET will automatically segment the bi-level images into text, halftone and generic regions. Each region contains different data and will be encoded differently. And also we are using context-dependent arithmetic coding algorithm to encode images which are neither text or halftones. The image data coding technology used by our JBIG2 codec component in VB project is very advanced. Software programmer and engineer in our company provide technical support to users and developers through email and telephone. If you need any of our service, please contact us.
Questions about RasterEdge VB JBIG2 Codec
"Will image quality degrade if i use JBIG2 codec in VB.NET?"
- No, image quality will not degrade. Even when you are using lossy image compression solution, no significant information will lose.
"Do you have any add-on i can use to print PDF files with JBIG2 encoded images?"
- Here is a VB.NET PDF printing add-on which will be helpful for you, please give it a try.
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