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VB.NET Imaging - JPEG 2000 Codec Using VB.NET

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

RasterEdge JPEG 2000 Codec SDK for VB.NET has been developed to promote the use of JPEG 2000, one of the most advanced and flexible image compression solution. convert pdf to text file, pdf editor in c#, merge pdf c#, c# print windows form to pdf, compare two pdf files using c#, pdf417 barcode reader c#. It adopts one of the most effective image compression and decompression methods in VB class application, which is called "discrete wavelet transformation".
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Our JPEG 2000 codec implements the JPEG 2000 Standard strictly and completely in VB.NET. This advanced image compression toolkit is also easy to be integrated into other image VB.NET SDKs in Visual Studio 2005 or above versions. For example, you can use our VB.NET image online viewer add-on to display, view and process images compressed or decompressed at different resolutions and sizes. Below is a feature list of JPEG 2000 codec SDK in VB class application.
  • Support lossy and lossless compression and decompression
  • Detect, encode and decode images at fast speed in VB project
  • Easily integrated with VB.NET image SDK control
  • Support multiple image formats like PNG, GIF, BMP, etc
  • Capable of compressing and decompressing part of image
  • Compression ratio is adjustable from 1 to 100 in VB project
  • Decode images to 8-bit/16-bit grayscale and 24-bit/ 48-bit RGB instantly in VB porject
  • Integrate PDF, Tiff, Word compression add-on with JPEG 2000 codec easily in VB.NET
  • Support progressive downloading by decoding images and videos in VB.NET application
  • Encoding and decoding settings are customizable in Visual Basic project
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The following article demonstrates RasterEdge JPEG 2000 codec in VB.NET from two aspects. Please have a look. If you are building a C# project and planning to develop C# JPEG 2000 Codec, please refer to relevant web page. ASP.NET JPEG 2000 Codec in Web Viewer and JPEG 2000 in .NET WinForms are available for you to view and edit images in different .NET environments.
Advantages of JPEG 2000 Codec in VB.NET
JPEG 2000 codec is a standard image compression solution widely used for archiving, distribution and screening. It is a scalable and high-speed compression method working in any VB.NET application. JPEG 2000 has many advantages over the old JPEG Standard. Detailed advantages are as follows: display pdf in iframe mvc, display image from memorystream, pdf viewer disable save, pdf editor control, remove image from pdf page, best pdf preview in asp net c#, excel viewer c#.

JPEG 2000 Codec: Lossy and Lossless in VB Project

JPEG 2000 encoder and decoder in VB project have many advantages compared with JPEG. One of the most remarkable improvements is the lossless compression mode. JPEG only supports lossy image compression in the same engine, while JPEG 2000 codec offers both lossy and lossless compression in the same file stream. Even when you are operating lossy image compression in VB.NET, our VB.NET JPEG 2000 codec can get a high quality lossy image with smaller files for you. Besides JPEG 2000 compression toolkit is able to deal with 256 channels of information, while JPEG is limited to RGB.

JPEG 2000 Codec: Resolution & Sizes in VB.NET

As JPEG 2000 codec software for VB.NET is based on Wavelets, it is able to present images at different resolution and sizes. That is to say you can display full size, full resolution or half size, one-ninth of resolution from the same image file with RasterEdge JPEG 2000 codec add-on. In contrast, JPEG only shows images at certain resolution and fixed size. So it is wise for us to choose more advanced compression and decompression method.
There are many benefits to compress images at different resolution with RasterEdge JPEG 2000 control in VB.NET. For example, we can download images with fast speed and display images in whatever resolution we desire. User can also decide which certain area of an image to view in high quality and which region to view in low quality. Apart from viewing the necessary part of an image, the amount of the memory is greatly decreased as well.

JPEG 2000 Codec: Error Resilience in VB Application

In addition to basic codec, RasterEdge is also developing other features compatible with JPEG 2000 decoder using VB codes. Error-resilience is one of the features under development. File transmitting may corrupt images, but our Our error correction tool will prevent images from corrupting to decode images at high quality. Image conversion may also cause error corruption. We will make sure your images remain in high quality when you are integrating JPEG 2000 codec add-on with our VB image converting tool.
Reset JPEG 2000 Codec in VB.NET Application
RasterEdge image JPEG 2000 codec library includes both encoding and decoding function in VB Windows and Web Forms projects. It is a fast, reliable and mature image compression and decompression SDK. We are constantly improving our technology to get C# users high performance experience. If you need any technology support in VB.NET JPEG 2000 codec, feel free to contact us. Below are the VB code you can use to reset the JPEG 2000 codec.
Dim jpeg As JpegDecoder =
CType(RegisteredDecoders.GetDecoderFromType(typeof(JpegDecoder)), JpegDecoder);
jpeg.ScaleFactor = JpegScaleFactor.Half
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