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VB.NET Imaging - Activate .NET Image SDK License

All-around Guidance on Rasteredge DocImage for .NET License Activation

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

Using Rasteredge DocImage for .NET, the first thing you need to do is to activate license key in your VB.NET project. DocImage for .NET, VB.NET provides several royalty-free types of SDK licenses in order to meet different needs. read pdf file text, itextsharp add image to existing pdf, tesseract ocr pdf to text c#, read pdf into byte array, pdf pages c#, c# combine multiple tiff. Among them, you can have evaluation license and production license. At the same time, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement.
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The following article illustrates you several procedures in image library license activation for VB.NET project and things you need to pay attention to. All in all, VB.NET Image SDK license activation guide page contains:
  • Three license types for VB.NET imaging project
  • How to activate evaluation or production license in VB.NET project
  • VB.NET Image SDK license agreement
  • VB.NET Image SDK license update & notes
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Three License Types for VB.NET Imaging SDK
DocImage SDK for .NET, VB.NET have three types of licenses for you to choose. Each supports different rights in using imaging SDK for your VB project. Details are as follows: pdf preview, mvc display pdf in view, open excel file, pdf reader in c#, how to edit pdf file using itextsharp in, image viewer, display word document in browser.

VB.NET Image: SDK/Developer License

After obtaining Developer License, VB developers are free to distribute a limitless number of single-user client applications to a limitless number of clients desktop PC with their license key within valid period. Each VB.NET developer needs a Developer License for application development.

VB.NET Image: Server License

If VB developers needs to distribute server based application(s), each server needs to have one Server License. And each server requires sperate activation.

VB.NET Image: Evaluation License

Evaluation License grants free use of our .NET Imaging SDK for only tesing purpose.
After testing, if you find our products useful for your project development, you can buy production license from purchase online.
How to Activate License for VB.NET
RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET provides VB users with evaluation license and production license. The following tutorial will give you comprehensive illustrations on how to register or acquire the two different licenses.

Activate Evaluation License

There's no need for activation of evaluation license at user side. You may directly use our product(s) for testing purpose within 45 days. Later, evaluation license will be automatically expired. Certainly, if you still needs evaluation after 45 days, please contact us for requesting an extension of another 30 days.

Activate Production License

Purchase the production license and you can use RasterEdge toolkit in your commercial applications. The activation code sent to you after purchasing the production license will be used to activate your purchased DLLs license. View activation guidance below.
  1. In the unzipped package of RasterEdge.DocImageSDK, find RasterEdge.Imaging License Manager.exe from RasterEdge.DocImageSDK\RasterEdageImage8.0\License\;
  2. Then, double click RasterEdge.Imaging License Manager.exe and select Activate purchased license;
  3. Next, input the activation code we send to you as registration code;
  4. At last, the production license is registered and you can use purchased DLLs now.
Please pay attention that you just need to activate the production license as stated above in the developing process. But if you are going to distribute application created with RasterEdge toolkit to your clients, you need to use GenerateLicFile.exe (related path: RasterEdge.DocImageSDK\RasterEdageImage8.0\License\) to generate a license file. Then, you should put the generated license file and purchased DLLs into the file where your application (.exe) is located.
To help your clients to verify the license, you are supposed to copy code in the first table to your application outside the Class of the entry point of your program and add code in the second table to the entry point of your program.
<LicenseProvider(GetType(WinFormLicenseProvider))> _
Public Class WinFormLicenseProvider
Inherits RasterEdgeLicenseProvider
End Class
Private license As License = Nothing
license = System.ComponentModel.LicenseManager.Validate(GetType(Form1), Me)
VB.NET Image SDK License Agreement
If you are using .NET Imaging SDK provided by us, you must agree to our conditions and terms. And the License Agreement includes the company and the employers. After installing imaging toolkit, you can freely use our VB.NET imaging software in applications.
VB.NET Image SDK License Update & Notes
The production license will not change even when we update our VB.NET Image SDK. Since license is tied to a computer, if you (granted developer) want to use it on an alternate computer, you need to contact us for another license key. Then, the old license will be deactivated. For evaluation, just use the new DLLs in your application.
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