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RasterEdge OCR SDK for VB.NET provides users fast and accurate image recognition function, which converts scanned images into searchable text formats, such as PDF, PDF/A, WORD and any other document formats. pdf read text, create pdf with images c#, c# read tiff compression, core pdf editor, itextsharp add image to pdf, c# remove text from pdf. Almost all the image formats can be detected and recognized by this OCR control for VB.NET. It can be integrated into your VB image scanner project or mobile devices project to provide you high-quality extraction from low-quality images.
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VB.NET OCR Add-On is easily integrated into Windows Forms application or ASP.NET web application built in Visual Studio 2005 or above versions. As a standalone application, it is compatible with other RasterEdge Image & Document Add-on SDKs. Below are RasterEdge OCR SDK for .NET, VB.NET features, please take a look

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  • Mature VB.NET OCR scanning library supporting over 40 languages and characters sets
  • Batch recognize and process large volume images and documents in VB projects
  • Support multi-thread recognition with high performance
  • Easily detect texts from low-quality printed or handwritten text
  • Powerful OCR recognition capability in images of different colors and formats
  • Support both full page and zonal analysis through VB.NET OCR control
  • Capable of detecting word, font, line size, location
  • Preserving the original layout and formatting of images and documents
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More and more companies are trying to convert printed business documents into electronic format, and many people are asking for such service. It is easy for VB developers to satisfy their needs by using RasterEdge OCR Add-on in VB.NET to compile advanced software. C# OCR SDK is also available, you may have a look.
Benefits of VB.NET Image OCR Library
OCR scanning tool for VB.NET greatly increases efficiency and effectiveness in the office and saves your money in archiving, filing and paper storing. Now we can achieve those goals by scanning images and documents into electronic format. In the past, it is hard to edit and search documents. Today documents can be simultaneously viewed and edited by converting documents and images into searchable files. OCR technology has become the best choice for information transferring, sharing, storing in banks, firms and other companies.
Process of OCR SDK in VB.NET
Generally VB.NET OCR software has three basic processing steps: pre-processing, word and character recognition, post-processing. Each step plays an important role in VB project images and documents recognition. More details can be found below:

VB.NET OCR: Pre-processing Images and Documents

In order to get the best quality text, pre-processing is necessary, including deskew, despeckle, binarization, line removal, layout analysis and so on. Once images and documents are loaded in VB.NET project, input quality will be enhanced with our VB.NET OCR Library which offers a lot of processing options for you.

VB.NET OCR: Word and Character Recognition

After selecting document pages for recognition, we adopt the most advanced algorithms based on artificial intelligence to extract text from documents and images in your VB program. Language, fonts and print types are very important in preserving the original layout while you are executing character and word recognition. RasterEdge OCR Library in VB.NET will automatically do the job for you.

VB.NET OCR: Post-processing Images and Documents

Once texts are extracted from images and documents, RasterEdge OCR VB software will check the grammar to improve the accuracy and precision. Texts will be outputted as searchable PDF, PDF/A,TXT, HTML, XML, E-Book formats, etc. Images exported can be Png, Jpeg, Tiff, image-only PDF or Bmp. OCR software retains original layout and formatting of scanned images, fax documents or screen shots.
VB.NET Sample Codes to Extract Text from Image
The following sample codes demonstrate how to extract text from bmp images in VB project. RasterEdge .NET OCR SDK supports a wide range of image file formats, so you can make all desired changes in sample codes.
Dim bmp As New Bitmap(fileName)

Dim ocr As New Tesseract()
'set the "tessdata" folder's parent folder
ocr.Init("C:\", "eng", False)
Dim result As List(Of Word) = ocr.DoOCR(bmp, Rectangle.Empty)
Dim lineCount As Integer = Tesseract.LineCount(result)
For i As Integer = 0 To lineCount - 1
Dim val As [String] = Tesseract.GetLineText(result, i)
Debug.WriteLine("Line " & i & ": " & val)
Besides OCR scanning feature, RasterEdge Image SDK for VB.NET is also capable of drawing text on image. Please contact us, if you have any further questions on OCR recognition.
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