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VB.NET PDF Document Viewer Overview
This VB.NET PDF Document Viewer is often applied to assist in PDF document viewing, reading, processing, scanning and manipulating through VB.NET projects in Visual Studio 2005 or later versions for ASP.NET web applications, .NET Windows Form projects or mobile programs. This professional PDF Document Viewer is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 or above. It supports multiple common browsers, such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and so on.

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This PDF Document Viewer is an easy-to-use component with a user-friendly interface. Its PDF file viewing and reading functions can be easily integrated into your VB.NET applications. The following sections have demonstrated main functions and three types of VB.NET PDF Document Viewer provided by us. The PDF Web Viewer is the most commonly used one by VB.NET developers. We also offer useful links for other image and document viewers for VB.NET at the bottom of this page.
VB.NET PDF Document Viewer Functions
Our VB.NET PDF Document Viewer has many functions that can be used on any PDF document. These functions can be seamlessly integrated into your .NET applications. The following list has illustrated the main functions.
  • Allow for opening a PDF file on the viewer from your computer or other routes at a fast speed
  • Support navigating to the previous or next page of the PDF document
  • Able to insert, delete or reorder PDF document page in VB.NET document viewer
  • Permit to enlarge or reduce the size of your PDF document page through VB.NET programming
  • Provide possibility of rotating, cropping or sharpening the loaded PDF document
  • Capable of making text, freehand, line or rectangle annotation on PDF document
  • Support saving all modifications made on your PDF document in VB.NET at instance
VB.NET PDF Document Viewer Types
This part has summarized three types of VB.NET PDF document viewers: VB.NET PDF Web Viewer, VB.NET PDF Windows Viewer and VB.NET PDF Mobile Viewer. They can be used for viewing and reading PDF document in ASP.NET web, .NET Windows Forms and mobile developing applications respectively. For more information on them, just click the link and go to related guide page.
VB.NET PDF Web Viewer VB.NET PDF Windows Viewer
As a standalone component, this Web Viewer can be used to read, modify and print PDF document using C# code in your ASP.NET web applications without the help of any third party tool. In order to let you create PDF Document Web Viewer more easily and quickly, this online tutorial is provided to guide you step by step. For VB.NET developers, this PDF Windows Viewer is a good choice for viewing, manipulating, redacting or processing PDF document in WinForms applications. Here are examples of how you finish these PDF operations through VB.NET programming with this advanced PDF Windows viewer.
VB.NET PDF Mobile Viewer
Our VB.NET PDF Mobile Viewer enables you to view, crop, rotate and zoom PDF documents in iOS and Android mobile platforms in VB class. For detailed operation steps, please refer to this free user guide.
Other VB.NET PDF Document Viewers
Our .NET Document SDK not only supports PDF document viewing in VB.NET, but also supports other documents and images. You can view other supportive VB.NET document and image viewers in the next paragraph. If you have a certain demand, just click the link of related document or image viewer and you will find a detailed guide for creating the viewer on the page. You can download the trial version of the viewer for testing in VB.NET programming.

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