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VB.NET PDF Builder: How to draw, add a curve shape to PDF file

Visual Basic .net Demo Code to create, draw, add a curve graph to pdf document

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Draw a start on PDF context using

Dim ctx As PDFContext = New PDFContext()
' set figure size: width 600 pixels; height 300 pixels
ctx.SetWidth(New RELength(600, Units.PX))
ctx.SetHeight(New RELength(300, Units.PX))
' draw a heart
Dim path As REPath = New REPath()
path.AddBezier(200, 110, 200, 70, 270, 60, 300, 110)
path.AddBezier(300, 110, 330, 60, 400, 70, 400, 110)
path.AddBezier(400, 110, 400, 150, 380, 200, 300, 250)
path.AddBezier(300, 250, 220, 200, 200, 150, 200, 110)
ctx.FillPath(New RESolidBrush(New REColor(255, 0, 0)), path)
ctx.DrawPath(New REPen(New REColor(224, 224, 0), 3.0F), path)
Dim figure As Figure = New Figure(ctx)

Add context to PDF document in

Dim outputFilePath As String = "C:\Sample25.pdf"

Dim document As Document = New Document()
PDFBuildHandler.Create(document, outputFilePath)
' open document
' create Figure
Dim ctx As PDFContext = New PDFContext()
Dim figure As Figure = New Figure(ctx)
' close document and save to the output file

Let's see the result of adding a curve on PDF using