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VB.NET PDF - How to Modify PDF Document Page in VB.NET

VB.NET Guide for Processing PDF Document Page and Sorting PDF Pages Order

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PDF Document Page Modification in VB.NET Overview

Here is a VB.NET guide page that illustrates how to modify PDF document page based on your requirements in VB.NET applications. As PDF document is widely used in office working, you may often find it necessary to modify or process the PDF document page due to certain reason. For example, when there is a newly created page, you may need to add it into the original PDF document to form a complete document. If you find certain page in your PDF document is unnecessary, you may want to delete this page directly. Moreover, when you get a PDF document which is out of order, you need to rearrange the PDF document pages. In these situations, a mature VB.NET PDF Document Processing Control will be great helpful to you.

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On this VB.NET PDF document page modifying page, you will find detailed guidance on creating, loading, merge and splitting PDF pages and Files, adding a page into PDF document, deleting unnecessary page from PDF file and changing the position, orientation and order of PDF document pages with our mature and advanced VB.NET PDF Document Processing Library in VB.NET programming. To help VB.NET developers and users well understand the program of modifying PDF document page with our PDF Processing Library, we also provide VB.NET classes, APIs and sample codes for modifying PDF document page in VB.NET programming.

Description of VB Classes for PDF Doc Page Modification

For modifying Microsoft PDF document page through VB.NET programming with our PDF Processing Library, two classes (PDFDocument and PDFPage) are necessary.

In our VB.NET program, PDFDocument is the programmatic representation of a PDF document. The PDFDocument instance may consist of newly created blank pages or image-only pages from an image source. The PDFDocument instance contains all documentation features and information that forms a PDF document.

As to PDFPage, it can be regarded as an abstraction of PDF document page in the VB.NET program. With PDFPage class, Visual Basic developers can conduct PDF document page modification easily.

VB.NET: Edit and Manipulate PDF Pages

PDF File Creation and Loading

Tell users how to create new PDF file and load PDF from other files into your VB.NET programming application.

PDF Merging and Appending

You will learn how to merge or append two or more PDF documents on this VB.NET tutorial page. Well-designed APIs are provided.

PDF Page and File Splitting

If you want to split PDF file into two or small files, you may refer to this online guide. VB.NET examples for splitting a PDF to two and four new PDF files are offered.

PDF Page inserting

Provides you with examples for adding an (empty) page to a PDF and adding empty pages to a PDF from a supported file format, with customized options in VB.NET.

PDF Page Deletion

You may feel free to define some continuous PDF pages through deleting pages in VB.NET demo code. Certainly, random pages can be deleted from PDF file as well.

PDF Page sorting

RasterEdge XDoc.PDF allows you to easily move PDF document pages position in VB.NET sample codes, including sorting pages and swapping two pages.

PDF Pages Extraction, Copying and Pasting

By referring to this VB.NET guide, you can use specific APIs to copy and get a specific page of PDF file; you are also able to copy and paste pages from a PDF document into another PDF file.

PDF Page Rotation

With VB.NET PDF SDK, PDF document page can be rotated to 90, 180, and 270 in clockwise. Both a single page and whole file pages can be rotated and saved as required.