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How to Render PowerPoint Document to REImage in VB.NET Programming

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

Our VB.NET PowerPoint Doc Conversion Library can be used to convert PPT document slide to other image or document formats. But you may need to render the PowerPoint slide to REImage (an image object defined by RasterEdge) in the first place. Then, the REImage rendered from source PPT slide can be converted to target image or document format in VB.NET programming. microsoft azure ocr pdf, c# libtiff example, c# edit pdf, barcode reader, pdf watermark c#, c# code 39 checksum. A detailed tutorial page is provided here to help you render your PowerPoint document to REImage. Try to find answers to the following questions from this VB.NET tutorial.
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  • Where to get more explanations of the REImage object rendered from source PowerPoint document slide in VB.NET?
  • What should I do before rendering Microsoft PowerPoint document slide to REImage in VB.NET application?
  • Do I need to call some APIs to render PowerPoint document slide to REImage through VB.NET programming?
  • Is there VB.NET sample code for rendering and converting PPT document slide to REImage in VB.NET class?
  • After converting PowerPoint slide to REImage in VB.NET, what further conversions can I conduct?
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REImage Object Explanation
From this paragraph, you will get detailed explanation of REImage image object for VB.NET PPT application. REImage object is defined by RasterEdge programmers and it can be got from various document or image pages, including but not limited to PowerPoint document slide/page, PDF file page and TIFF file page. In VB.NET Imaging SDK, REImage is mainly used as an intermediate for document and image conversions. remove text from pdf online, pdf preview in asp net c# example, imagedraw multipage tiff viewer, mvc display pdf in view, how to upload pdf file in database using c#, c# open word document, pdf editor component. Like what stated above, before converting PowerPoint document to other formats, you need to render PPT slide to REImage in the first place.
Before using our VB.NET PPT Conversion SDK to render PowerPoint slide to REImage in VB.NET project, developers may need to install .NET Framework 2.0 or greater versions. Besides, Visual Studio 2005 or later versions need to be installed in order to create the .NET project using VB language to implement PowerPoint to REImage rendering. Before implementation, you may check whether your PowerPoint document is version 2007 or above.
Call the following APIs and you are able to convert specified PowerPoint slide to REImage object in VB.NET application. To specify the PPT slide to be rendered, GetPage method is required. You just need to input the page index. Using our VB.NET PowerPoint Document Converting SDK, you are also able to customize the REImage object by setting height and width properties.
Private Function GetPage(pageIndex As Integer) As BasePage Implements PPTXDocument.GetPage
End Function
Private Function toImage() As BaseImage Implements PPTXPage.toImage
End Function
Private Function toImage(height As Integer, width As Integer) As BaseImage Implements PPTXPage.toImage
End Function
Sample Code
In your Visual Basic .NET programming application, you can copy the following sample code to render source PowerPoint document to REImage. In our program, we represent a PowerPoint document using the PPTXDocument class. In addition, we use the PPTXPage class to stand for the notion of slide/page in PPTXDocument. To render PowerPoint document slide to REImage, you may need to get the PPTXDocument object by loading source PowerPoint document. Then, you can use RenderPPTXDocumentToREImage method to start rendering.
''' <summary>
''' Render PPTXDocument to REImage with PPTXDocument and PPTXPage
''' </summary>
''' <param name="PowerPointFilePath"></param>
''' <returns></returns>
Public Function RenderPPTXDocumentToREImage(PowerPointFilePath As [String]) As List(Of REImage)
Dim buffer As New List(Of REImage)()
Dim doc As New PPTXDocument(PowerPointFilePath)
For i As Integer = 0 To doc.GetPageCount() - 1
' need to convert BasePage to PPTXPage
Dim page As PPTXPage = DirectCast(doc.GetPage(i), PPTXPage)

Dim temp As REImage = DirectCast(page.ToImage(), REImage)
If temp IsNot Nothing Then
End If

Return buffer
End Function
Further Conversions
Our .NET PowerPoint Conversion SDK for VB.NET is exclusively designed to conduct PowerPoint document converting in VB.NET application. As this conversion SDK is an independent control, no additional toolkit is required for converting PowerPoint document to other image or document formats. After using to render PPT document slide to REImage with simple VB.NET code, you can realize further PowerPoint conversions easily.
To be accurate, you can realize PowerPoint to Bitmap image conversion in VB.NET application, converting PPT document to other raster images using VB.NET project, conversion from PowerPoint to SVG vector image format through VB.NET programming, PowerPoint to TIFF format conversion in VB.NET class and PPT document to PDF file conversion in VB.NET. Also, C#.NET PowerPoint to REImage rendering can be achieve by this .NET SDK.

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