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Are you looking for a .NET solution which offers unique APIs for you to read & edit PowerPoint .pptx document file using VB.NET code? If yes, please free to have a try with this VB.NET PowerPoint reading & manipulating library toolkit. convert pdf to word using itextsharp c#, c# convert pdf to image free library, c# split pdf into images, itextsharp add image to pdf, add image to pdf, c# remove text from pdf. And this VB.NET PowerPoint reading & editing tutorial page aims to answer following two questions.
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  • What functions can I perform using this .NET PowerPoint manipulating control add-on for VB.NET?
  • Why do I need to use this VB.NET PowerPoint editing SDK?
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Supported Functions
This VB.NET PowerPoint reading & editing control add-on is able to perform various functions toward source .pptx document file. And here we make a list of its main VB.NET PowerPoint manipulating functions. asp net core mvc pdf viewer download, open word document in iframe using, pdf viewer c#, asp net remove text from pdf javascript, how to add header and footer in pdf using itextsharp in, pdf editor, preview pdf in If you want to see detailed VB.NET code for certain VB.NET PowerPoint editing function, please follow attached link directly.
VB.NET PowerPoint: Create, Load & Save PPTX VB.NET PowerPoint: Process PPTX at Slide Level
Tutorial page on how to load PowerPoint file that is stored in the form of .pptx file or memory stream and then save edited PowerPoint file to .pptx document format or stream using Visual Basic programming code in .NET Framework applications. Mature APIs and VB.NET demo codes are offered here to help developers add/insert slide to/from PowerPoint, create image on desired PowerPoint slide, merge/split PowerPoint file, change the order of PPTX sildes and extract one or more slides from PowerPoint file.
VB.NET PowerPoint: Create PPTX Viewer VB.NET PowerPoint: Read Barcode from PPTX Slide
VB.NET PowerPoint viewing control add-ons allows developers to create modern PPTX viewers in ASP.NET web applications, Windows Forms projects and mobile applications in VB.NET code. If you are looking for an efficient solution to read & decode various 1d and 2d barcode images from source PowerPoint slide using VB.NET code, our VB.NET PPTX barcode reader library add-ons can fully meet your requests.
VB.NET PowerPoint: Annotate PPTX Slide VB.NET PowerPoint: Add Barcode Images to PPTX Slide
If you want to mark the content of source PowerPoint slide using VB.NET code, then try this VB.NET PPTX annotating control add-on which offers over 10 types of annotations for developers to highlight or mark desired PowerPoint slide. VB.NET PowerPoint barcode creating library components allow developers to add over 27 barcode image types at desired location of PPTX slide. Besides, the properties of created barcode images can be easily customized.
VB.NET PowerPoint: Convert & Render PPTX Slide VB.NET PowerPoint: Watermark PPTX Slide
How to convert PowerPoint to PDF, render PowerPoint to SVG, transform PowerPoint to TIFF and convert PowerPoint to raster images with featured rendering setting in VB.NET? Advanced and effective VB.NET solution to add desired watermark on source PowerPoint slide at specified location.
VB.NET PowerPoint: Read & Edit PPTX Metadata
Demo VB.NET codes are offered here to view and edit the metadata contained in source PowerPoint document file.
Why to Choose
From above content, you must have known that this VB.NET PowerPoint reading & manipulating control add-on allows developers to read, create, annotate, view, convert and watermark source .pptx document file. Besides, this VB.NET PowerPoint editor control SDK also owns other features which help it become more and more popular among VB.NET programmers.

Easy to Install

Without using any registration code, you can easily install this .NET PowerPoint reading control SDK into VB.NET class application by adding several compact dlls as project references if you have installed .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions and Visual Studio 2005 or greater.

Support Both C# & VB.NET Programming Languages

If you want to perform these advanced PowerPoint manipulating functions using Visual C# .NET code, this .NET PowerPoint editing library SDK is also a good choice.

Compatible with Other VB.NET Document Reading SDKs

If combined win other document reading SDKs, this VB.NET PowerPoint manipulating library SDK allows you to read and decode some other document file types as well, like reading Excel in VB.NET, Reading PDF in VB.NET, Reading Word in VB.NET or reading other image files in VB.NET projects.

Independent from Microsoft PowerPoint Product

Developed in .NET application, this .NET PowerPoint editor library add-on owns comprehensive APIs for VB.NET programmers to read, view and process .pptx file without using any external PowerPoint processing control.

Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 & Greater

This .NET PowerPoint manipulating control add-on can process and decode all standard PowerPoint files that end with .pptx suffix.

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