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When using our VB.NET PowerPoint Converter Control to render and convert PPT document to other image and document formats in VB.NET programming, developers are able to set the rendering options according to certain needs. pdf viewer control free, find and replace text in pdf using itextsharp c#, print mvc view to pdf, c# pdf to image, how to create a thumbnail image of a pdf in c#, c# qr code reader. During the process of PowerPoint conversion in VB.NET, developers concern the following questions for the most.
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  • How to set rendering options in VB.NET program of converting PowerPoint document?
  • What kinds of PPT (.pptx) rendering options can be set during the process of PowerPoint conversion in VB.NET application?
  • How many document and image formats are supported for PowerPoint converting and rendering setting in VB.NET?
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How to Set Rendering Options
In order to use our VB.NET PowerPoint Converter Control to set PPT rendering options through VB.NET programming, you may need to make some preparations in the first place. You need to install .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions and Visual Studio 2005 or above. view excel in browser, asp net mvc generate pdf from view itextsharp, best pdf preview in asp net c#, how to edit pdf file in c#, pdf viewer user control, view image in, open word document file in browser in
Then, you can use the following APIs to set rendering options in the process of converting PowerPoint document to other formats in VB.NET. Specific API is designed for setting corresponding rendering option. If you want to specify the resolution option in PPT rendering process, you just need to call int Resolution method. See more as below.
' Specify the resolution to render.
int Resolution

' Specify the pixel format to render.
PixelFormat PixelFormat

' Specify the scaling factor to render.
float ScalingFactor

' Specify the width and height of the image to render.
Private Function ToImage(width As Integer, height As Integer) As BaseImage Implements PPTXPage.ToImage
End Function
Finally, you can refer to the following simple VB.NET demo code to compile more detailed code for setting PPT rendering options that are supported by our VB.NET PowerPoint Converting Component.
' Set PowerPoint rendering options.
Public Sub RenderPowerPointPage(page As PPTXPage)
' Render page using default resolution
Dim defaultImage As REImage = DirectCast(page.ToImage(), REImage)

' Render with a specific size
Dim reSizedImage As REImage = DirectCast(page.ToImage(2000, 2000), REImage)

' The more pixels the resized image has, the clearer the image will be.
End Sub
Note: RasterEdge product only supports setting rendering options in the process of converting PowerPoint document with .pptx file extension in VB.NET.
PPT Rendering Options Types
Below is a list of PowerPoint rendering options supported by our VB.NET PowerPoint Converting Library.
  • Image resolution parameter
  • Image pixel format
  • Image scalling factor
  • Image width and height
In the following paragraphs, we will give you a brief introduction of setting the above supported PPT rendering options in VB.NET application.
First of all, if you are intending to make you image object clearer, you may need to reset the image resolution property to a higher value during the process of converting PowerPoint document in VB.NET application by using our PPT Conversion Control for VB.NET. Generally, the size of pixel has determined the value of image resolution. If the size of pixel is larger, the value of resolution will be higher.
Then, image pixel format is one important factor that determines the effect of output image. Using our VB.NET PowerPoint Rendering SDK, you are able to set RGB pixel format when rendering and converting PPT document in VB.NET class. You can set the RGB pixel format to commonly used four categories: 8-bit-per-pixel, 16-bit-per-pixel, 24-bit-per-pixel and 32-bit-per-pixel. And there are three color lights beams contained in the RGB color model and they are red, green and blue. The three beams are combined together in different ways.
Next, for VB.NET developers who want to enlarge or the size of image proportionally in the process of converting PowerPoint document using VB.NET project, you can use our PPT Converting SDK for VB.NET to set the image scaling factor. Thus, you can customize your image size while the width and height of the original image will not be changed.
Finally, image width and height option provided by this VB.NET PowerPoint Rendering SDK is designed to help developers resize the output image when converting PowerPoint document slide to other image and document formats in VB.NET. You can resize the image with a fixed aspect ratio.
Supportive Doc & Image Formats
This PowerPoint Document Rendering Library for VB.NET enables developers to render and convert PPT slide to various formats, including PDF, BMP, TIFF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, GIF and JBIG2. In the process of converting PPT slide to any of all supportive image and document formats, developers can set multiple rendering options by using VB.NET code.

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