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VB.NET Imaging - Resize Image Using VB.NET

Image Resizer Control to Enlarge & Reduce Photo & Picture Size in VB.NET

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

VB.NET Image & Photo Resizing Overview
The practical values of this VB.NET image resizer control SDK lie in two aspects: image enlarging and image shrinking. In the daily life, if you want to send some image files or photos to someone via internet or if you want to publish an image or picture on your website, you would better reduce the original image size for a quicker web transmission. pdf, pdf viewer control free, pdf, convert word to pdf c# free, generate pdf thumbnail c#, c# parse pdf form. And sometimes, if you want to present an image for detailed explanation, you would better enlarge original image. To help you reduce or enlarge the image file size in VB.NET programming way, RasterEdge develops this VB.NET image resizing solution. pdf to word converter, how to rotate a pdf in c#, itextsharp jpg to pdf, c# convert pdf to svg, replace text in pdf using itextsharp in c#, c# add text to existing pdf file, c# pdf add background.
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VB.NET Image Resizer Control SDK Features
  • Powerful VB.NET image resizing control utility that can work perfectly with several image file formats
  • 100% managed & clean .NET solution that can resize source image file while preserving original image quality by VB.NET code
  • Thread-safe VB.NET image resizer library SDK that can be integrated into both ASP.NET web and Windows Forms applications
  • Allow VB.NET developers to resize source image and save edited image as a new file in .NET Framework application
VB.NET Image Resizing Control DLLs
Developers can easily integrate RasterEdge VB.NET image resizer control SDK into their VB.NET image processing applications by adding following two dlls as project references. core pdf preview, how to edit pdf file in c#, mvc 5 display pdf in view, excel viewer c#, view tiff image, remove text from pdf online, best pdf viewer control for
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.Processing.dll
What should be mentioned here is that these two compact dlls which are involved in the process of image resizing can be also used in other .NET image processing applications, like VB.NET image cropping application to cut out an area of source image file, VB.NET image drawing application to draw text & graphics on target image and VB.NET image scaling application to scale image file.
VB.NET Method to Resize Image & Picture
Here we display the method that this VB.NET image resizer control SDK has used to adjust target image file. This VB.NET image resizing method is extremely easy and developers can shrink or reduce source image file by defining the values of width & height.
Public Shared Function ApplyResize(img As REImage, width As Integer, height As Integer) As Integer
End Function
VB.NET Code for Adjusting Image Size
In order to help you have a better grasp of this VB.NET image resizer control SDK, we here provide you a detailed VB.NET programming code demo, which you can directly copy to your VB.NET class application for image resizing.
From following VB.NET sample code, you will have a general understanding of this VB.NET image resizing process: Open source image file (which can be stored in PC local disks or camera flash drive) with own image decoder, call the image resizing API to resize source image with desired image width & height and save resized image to defined storage folder as a new image file.
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.Core
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Processing
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.Codec

Namespace RE__Test
Public Partial Class Form1
Inherits Form
Public Sub New()
End Sub

Private Sub button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Dim fileName As String = "c:/Sample.png"

Dim reImage As REImage = REFile.OpenImageFile(fileName)

ImageProcessing.ApplyResize(reImage, 500, 500)

REFile.SaveImageFile(reImage, "c:/reimage.png", New PNGEncoder())
End Sub
End Class
End Namespace
Here we present a reason that may cause the debugging error in the process of applying above mentioned VB.NET demo. That is the issue of evaluation license key. This VB.NET image resizer control SDK can successfully work in your VB.NET class project only when a valid license key is rightly placed.
VB.NET Image Resizer SDK FAQs
Q 1: Using this VB.NET image resizer control add-on, can I adjust the sizes of multiple image files at a time using VB.NET class application?
A 1: Sorry, RasterEdge VB.NET image resizing API only allows developers to resize one source image file in VB.NET class application. Therefore the batch image resizing mode is not supported by this VB.NET image resize library SDK.

Q 2: What image file formats are supported by this VB.NET image resizing component toolkit?
A 2: As this VB.NET image resize control toolkit is a component of RasterEdge .NET Image SDK, it can process & resize all RasterEdge .NET Image SDK supported image file formats, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and BMP.
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