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When you want to copy an image, graphics, signature or logo to your TIFF document, what are you about do to? We know, a TIFF document is usually a finished product that completely embeds images and texts. extract text from pdf, visual basic read pdf, azure search pdf, merge pdf c#, c# itextsharp extract text from pdf, pdf417 decoder c#. However, RasterEdge VB.NET TIFF document processing SDK can offer you the reliable and extensive TIFF page image adding tool that allows you to directly insert and add new image, stamp or any photo file to target TIFF page with the simplest VB.NET method.
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If you have any of questions displayed below, please get the answer from this online TIFF image add-on tutorial now!
  • Can you give an overview for your VB.NET TIFF image adding tool?
  • Can you provide demo APIs for adding image to TIFF document within VB.NET project?
  • How to add and insert image or graphics to a certain TIFF page with Visual Basic .NET programming code?
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Product Overview
Our VB.NET TIFF imaging SDK offers a fast and easy way to add new image to an existing TIFF document within VB.NET Windows or web application project. After inserting the new image to the TIFF document, VB developers are able to save current TIFF document with newly added image to a new TIFF document at high speed. core pdf editor, preview pdf in, display excel spreadsheet, load pdf file c#, remove image from pdf file, mvc display pdf in browser, remove text from pdf online. Apart from image, logo can also be added to an existing TIFF document using VB.NET code as long as this mature and professional TIFF imaging control for VB.NET is correctly integrated and used.
In addition to adding new image or logo to an existing TIFF file, this VB.NET TIFF imaging library also supports to add, insert or delete certain TIFF page with VB code, merge or split TIFF document(s) in VB.NET, extract single or several pages from TIFF document through VB.NET programming, and so on. Therefore, it is not overstated that this VB.NET TIFF imaging library is a powerful and advanced component for TIFF image processing in the market.
After giving you brief introductions of our VB.NET TIFF image processing SDK and its TIFF image adding function at this section, the following parts will describe the sample method for adding image to TIFF, the .NET environments required for running this TIFF image inserting tool, references from this SDK evaluation package to be added for adding image to TIFF document in VB.NET, demo code for your Visual Basic .NET project, as well as the TIFF format explanation.
How to - Method
With this TIFF image adding application, users can add and insert image using supported image compression modes to any existed TIFF page or new creating blank TIFF page within VB.NET developing environment. What's more, users are capable of burning the embedded image with original TIFF page using simple VB.NET API.
' Use method below to add image to TIFF page with customizable location
Private Sub AddImage(img As REImage, positionX As Single, positionY As Single, compression As TIFFCompression) Implements TIFFPage.AddImage
End Sub
How to - Code
Here is a guide for using VB.NET code to append image or picture to TIFF file in .NET applications with our VB.NET TIFF image embedding control. To use this control, users need to install Visual Studio 2005 or later versions and .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions on your computers. This VB.NET TIFF image inserting application supports Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and other Microsoft operating systems.
Now, users can go to our website to download the free evaluation version of .NET TIFF imaging library and unzip it. After unzipping the evaluation version, you need to find following dlls and add them to your VB.NET project references for adding image to your TIFF file using VB.NET programming.
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.TIFF.dll
Finally, users may copy the following VB.NET sample code to finish the task of image adding and burning to TIFF document.
''' <summary>
''' Add an image to TIFF file
''' </summary>
''' <param name="page"></param>
''' <param name="img"></param>
'''<param name="x"></param>
''' <param name="y"></param>
Public Sub AddImageToPage(page As TIFFPage, img As REImage, x As Single, y As Single)
page.AddImage(img, x, y)
End Sub
TIFF Image
TIFF is abbreviated from Tagged Image file, which is widely used in many VB.NET image processing applications for storing images. A TIFF file with one page or multiple pages is composed of several images. Generally, we can append new image to an existing TIFF file in VB.NET applications. And TIFF tags are used to store image related data in TIFF files.
TIFF file format allows for a flexible set of information fields containing the image information as well as a wide scope of various compression schemes and color spaces. What's more, it supports a wide range of data types, such as unsigned integers, floating point values and complicated data.

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