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This VB.NET TIFF barcode reading tutorial page will tell developers how to detect & read 1d or 2d barcodes images from single-page or multi-page TIFF document file using RasterEdge VB.NET TIFF barcode reader component. c# libtiff example, open pdf in word c#, barcode reader sdk, c# ocr pdf to text, print mvc view to pdf, c# wpf preview pdf. Please look at the article quick navigation.
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  • What VB.NET APIs will be used in .NET TIFF barcode scanning and decoding application?
  • How many barcode types are supported by this VB.NET TIFF barcode reader control add-on? pdf add page number, how to rotate a pdf in c#, code to convert excel to pdf, create pdf in c#, c# split pdf itextsharp, c# pdf extract pages, c# draw pdf.
The APIs provided by this VB.NET TIFF barcode scanner control component can not only help developers decode one or multiple barcodes images from defined TIFF page but also allow them to detect & scan all barcodes images from specified area of selected TIFF page. best pdf preview in asp net c#, how to write pdf file in c#, show excel file in browser, remove image from pdf file, free asp. net mvc pdf viewer, pdf viewer control c#, open word file in c#.
Private Function ToImage() As BaseImage Implements TIFFPage.ToImage
End Function
Private Sub Scan(img As REImage, type As BarcodeType) Implements BarcodeScanner.Scan
End Sub
Private Sub ScanRegions(img As REImage, type As BarcodeType, setting As Setting) Implements BarcodeScanner.ScanRegions
End Sub
API Explanation: to help you better use above VB.NET TIFF barcode scanning APIs, we will illustrate two programming classes and the whole TIFF barcode scanning process here.
  • TIFFPage: one TIFF page within one TIFF document file will be displayed by this VB.NET TIFF reading SDK as a TIFFPage object.
  • TIFFDocument: RasterEdge .NET Image SDK represents in-memory TIFF document file as TIFFDocument object which contains a collection of TIFFPage objects.
  • General process of scanning barcode from TIFF: the whole VB.NET TIFF barcode reading application can be mainly divided into three steps, which are getting TIFFPage from a TIFFDocument object, converting TIFFPage to REImage and reading specified barcode(s) from defined area of converted REImage.
Barcode Types
As this VB.NET TIFF barcode scanner library SDK is a combination of .NET TIFF processing add-on and .NET barcode reader plug-in, it can easily read & decode over 20 types of barcodes images from source TIFF image file using VB.NET programming code. And you can find detailed VB.NET sample codes for detecting & recognizing each supported barcode type from TIFF document image file by following attached link.
Data Matrix Reading from TIFF in VB.NET Interleaved 2 of 5 Decoding from TIFF in VB.NET
Using our Imaging Barcode Scanner, users also can scan all the 2d Data Matrix barcodes on loaded TIFF file in VB.NET program at fast speed. RasterEdge .NET Imaging TIFF Barcode Reader supports detecting and decoding one or more linear Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes from TIFF image file.
Read PDF-417 from TIFF in VB.NET ISBN Reading on TIFF in VB.NET
This VB.NET Imaging TIFF Barcode Reading Component allows users scan PDF-417 barcode with a few lines of VB code. How to read & decode 1d numeric ISBN barcode from TIFF file using VB.NET code programmatically?
QR Code Recognizing from TIFF in VB.NET Decode ISSN from TIFF in VB.NET
Users can easily add advanced TIFF QR Code barcode reading functions into VB applications by adding this TIFF barcode scanner SDK to project reference. Like ISBN reading from TIFF document, users still can detect and scan ISSN barcode on TIFF image using our VB.NET TIFF Barcode Reading Component.
VB.NET Code to Read Australia Post from TIFF VB.NET Code to Read ITF-14 Barcode from TIFF
RasterEdge Barcode Reading Add-on enables users to read and decode Australia Post barcode from TIFF images at high speed by using VB demo code. VB.NET TIFF Barcode Scanner allows users to detect and read ITF-14 barcode from selected TIFF page and output decoded barcode value accurately.
VB.NET Code to Read Codabar on TIFF VB.NET Code to Read Leitcode on TIFF
TIFF Barcode Decoder enables user to read linear Codabar barcodes from multiple TIFF pages just with a few lines of Visual Basic .NET codes. Users are able to detect and recognize Leitcode barcode from TIFF document by using the easy-to-use VB.NET TIFF Imaging Barcode Reading methods.
Code 39 Scanning from TIFF in VB.NET Patch Code Scanning on TIFF in VB.NET
All Code 39 barcodes contained in source TIFF image file can be accurately and completely decoded by this VB.NET TIFF barcode scanner SDK. RasterEdge Patch Code Barcode Reader Add-on can be seamlessly implemented into VB.NET windows & web TIFF imaging applications.
Scan Code 93 from TIFF in VB.NET PLANET Reading on TIFF in VB.NET
Users are able to scan and read all Code 93 barcodes from TIFF document and get the precise decoded Code 93 barcode values. VB.NET TIFF PLANET barcode reading component enables users to read & recognize PLANET barcodes from defined TIFF file area.
VB.NET Image: Scan Code 128 from TIFF Scan POSTNET Barcode from TIFF
VB.NET solution to read & decode Code 128 barcode images from single-page or multi-page TIFF file in .NET Framework 2.0 & later versions. Developers can use this VB.NET TIFF Barcode Reading Software Development Kit for accurate and high-speed POSTNET recognition from TIFF file.
VB.NET Image: Decode EAN-8 from TIFF RM4SCC Reading from TIFF in VB.NET
This professional .NET TIFF EAN-8 barcode reading component is designed for VB.NET developing applications. How to integrate advanced & mature RM4SCC barcode reading features into VB.NET TIFF processing project?
VB Code to Scan EAN-13 from TIFF UPC-A Recognizing from TIFF in VB.NET
VB.NET TIFF Barcode Reading Control helps developers easily integrate EAN-13 barcode reading function into single or multi-threaded applications. With TIFF UPC-A barcode reading library, developers can easily read & detect UPC-A barcode from TIFF file that has supplemental data.
Recognize Identcode from TIFF in VB.NET UPC-E Scanning from TIFF in VB.NET
VB.NET solution to read Identcode barcode from TIFF image file and return decoded value in data string. This VB.NET TIFF Barcode Decoding tool can quickly recognize UPC-E barcode from TIFF image file.
VB Code to Scan Intelligent Mail from TIFF
Using TIFF Barcode Recognizing toolkit, VB.NET users are able to read a single or multiple Intelligent Mail barcodes from TIFF file at one time.

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