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Easily Draw Picture & Write Text on TIFF Document with VB Code

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VB.NET TIFF Document Drawing SDK Description
Our VB.NET TIFF imaging library is equipped with a powerful TIFF drawing feature which enables users to draw picture and write text on TIFF document in VB.NET applications. To finish TIFF document drawing through VB.NET programming with our advanced and professional TIFF imaging library for VB.NET, you may make sure that .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions and Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 / 2010 / 2012 are installed. Besides, this VB.NET TIFF imaging SDK is compatible with such Microsoft Windows operating systems as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and more.
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With this TIFF imaging control for VB.NET, developers are capable of viewing, annotating, compressing, converting and reading TIFF document with VB.NET projects in addition to drawing on TIFF file page. This VB.NET TIFF imaging component allows you to finish those implementations independently without help from any third party tool. As a detailed VB developer guide is offered, you will complete TIFF related conduction more easily and quickly.
This article will give you a brief introduction of TIFF document drawing in VB.NET with regard to aspects of features incorporated to our VB.NET TIFF imaging SDK, procedures needed to draw picture or write text on TIFF document as well as other TIFF document related guide in VB.NET offered by us. If you want to know information on TIFF document drawing in C#.NET, please go to the online guide for TIFF drawing with C# code.
VB.NET TIFF Document Drawing SDK Features
As a mature component, our VB.NET TIFF imaging SDK has its outstanding advantages that other imaging controls don't have. This is why it is widely used by many VB.NET developers. In the following list, you will see main features of this VB.NET TIFF imaging SDK.
  • Able to fully integrate into multiple .NET programs using VB language
  • Support draw picture and write text on TIFF document page through VB.NET programming
  • Enable easier application in VB.NET with a user-friendly interface
  • Allow for drawing TIFF document and saving it to many other formats
  • Support annotating TIFF document using Visual Basic .NET class
VB.NET TIFF Document Drawing Procedures
Many users concern about the issue of how to draw pictures or write text on TIFF document page directly using VB.NET programming with our TIFF imaging library for VB.NET. Please pay attention that you need to activate our Imaging SDK license before using the following dlls in your VB.NET applications for drawing picture or writing text on your target TIFF page.
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.TIFF.dll
VB.NET demo codes below are exclusively prepared for you to draw picture and write text at certain position of your TIFF document in VB.NET application as you want. Copy the demo codes and run your project to see the picture and text you made on your TIFF document.
VB.NET Demo Code to Draw Picture on TIFF
     Dim drawing As RaterEdgeDrawing = New RaterEdgeDrawing()
drawing.Picture = "RasterEdge"
drawing.Font.Size = 6
drawing.Fill = new DrawingBrush(Color.Red)
drawing.Shadow = new DrawingBrush(Color.Blue)
drawing.ShadowOffset = New PointF(2, 2)
VB.NET Demo Code to Write Text on TIFF
     Dim drawing As RaterEdgeDrawing = New RaterEdgeDrawing()
drawing.Text = "RasterEdge"
drawing.Font.Size = 6
drawing.Fill = new DrawingBrush(Color.Red)
drawing.Shadow = new DrawingBrush(Color.Blue)
drawing.ShadowOffset = New PointF(2, 2)
Other TIFF Document Related Guides in VB.NET

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