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  • If I am about to use RasterEdge VB.NET TIFF pages extracting toolkit, what should be prepared?
  • How do I get a single TIFF page out to make up a new TIFF document in VB.NET application?
  • How can I extract and export individual pages from original TIFF document and create a new TIFF file with the pages source in VB.NET programming language?
  • Why should I regard RasterEdge VB.NET TIFF pages extractor as my best choice?
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What Are Needed for TIFF Page Extracting?
VB.NET TIFF page extracting library of RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK is an advanced and cross-platform-friendly TIFF pages handler. Apart from the evaluation or product license, which is indispensable for all the applications and developments of RasterEdge' products in a legal way, following programming environments and requirements are necessary:
  • Support all Windows systems, including both 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Support Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 & 2012
  • Support .NET Framework 20, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5
How to Extract Single TIFF Page and Create a New TIFF Document?
This part will guide you to extract and export single page out from source TIFF document with following respective APIs and VB sample code that are 100% compatible within VB.NET project.
The source TIFF document that will be processed in your VB.NET program can be loaded and embedded from either the way of local path or memory stream. As long as you have extracted the target one page, you can rapidly create a new single-page TIFF document with the exported page and own the ability to rename output TIFF file in VB.NET according to particular needs.

VB.NET APIs on Extracting Single TIFF Page

Please implement following APIs and methods into your Windows or web VB.NET program directly without any hesitation to test advanced page extraction feature of our VB.NET TIFF Library Add-On.
Private Sub GetOnePageDocument(sourceFilePath As [String], index As Integer, destnStream As Stream) Implements TIFFDocument.GetOnePageDocument
End Sub
Private Sub GetOnePageDocument(sourceFilePath As [String], index As Integer, destnFilePath As [String]) Implements TIFFDocument.GetOnePageDocument
End Sub

VB Demo Code to Extract Single TIFF Page and Form a New TIFF Document

''' <summary >
''' Extract a single page from a TIFF file and form a new document
''' </summary >
''' <param name="filePath" > </param >
''' <param name="indx" > </param >
''' <returns > </returns >
Public Sub GetOnePageDocument(sourceFilePath As [String], index As Integer, destnFilePath As [String])
TIFFDocument.GetOnePageDocument(sourceFilePath, index, destnFilePath)
End Sub
How to Extract TIFF File Pages in Batch Within VB.NET Class?
This TIFF pages extracting library is not limited to just output single TIFF page in VB.NET, it still supports exporting TIFF pages out in batch mode, which will save tons of time for enhancing your VB programming efficiency. Users are able to extract pages from two different TIFF files and make up a new TIFF document using the output pages. If you need to deal with four, six, or even more TIFF documents, you are supposed to program a cyclic TIFF pages extracting VB.NET project to achieve this target.

VB.NET Methods on Extracting Multiple TIFF Pages

Private Sub ExtractPagesFromDocument(sourceFilePath As [String], pageIdxes As List(Of Integer), destnFilePath As [String]) Implements TIFFDocument.ExtractPagesFromDocument
End Sub
Private Sub ExtractPagesFromDocument(sourceFilePath As [String], pageIdxes As List(Of Integer), destnStream As Stream) Implements TIFFDocument.ExtractPagesFromDocument
End Sub

Sample Code on Extracting Batch TIFF Pages and Create a New One

''' <summary >
'''Extract some pages of TIFF document 1 and some pages of TIFF document 2 to form a new document
''' </summary >
''' <returns > </returns >
Public Sub ExtractPagesToFormNewDocument(filePath1 As [String], filePath2 As [String], pageList1 As List(Of Integer), pageList2 As List(Of Integer), destnPath As [String])
' two temporary strings to store the extracted documents file paths
Dim tmpFilePath1 As [String] = "c:\tmpFile1"
Dim tmpFilePath2 As [String] = "c:\tmpFile2"
TIFFDocument.ExtractPagesFromDocument(filePath1, pageList1, tmpFilePath1)
TIFFDocument.ExtractPagesFromDocument(filePath2, pageList2, tmpFilePath2)
Dim docPathList As List(Of [String]) = New List(Of String)()
TIFFDocument.Combine(docPathList, destnPath)
End Sub
Why Choose RasterEdge .NET TIFF Pages Extractor?
If you are still hesitating to decide which TIFF pages extracting control you should choose for your VB.NET TIFF processing application? Or if you are still puzzled about how wonderful this TIFF pages extractor is? Please do read following product features explanation. We also provide the overview on TIFF pages processing SDK in VB.NET.

100% Well Managed TIFF Document Pages Extracting Control

This TIFF pages extracting component is completely developed in .NET Framework and compatible with any .NET application, such as C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET and .NET Windows Forms.

High Capability on Handling TIFF Pages Extraction

With this TIFF pages extractor, VB.NET users are entitled with great abilities to output either single or multiple TIFF pages and create a user-defined new TIFF document with specific file name for further usage.

High-fidelity on the Extracted TIFF Pages' Contents

This market-leading and reliable TIFF pages extracting add-on owns great reputation on assuring the high-quality of output TIFF pages, which means that, images, texts or the other contents in the exported TIFF pages will still remain high-quality.

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