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VB.NET TIFF - Merge TIFF Files Using VB.NET

VB.NET TIFF Merging SDK to Combine TIFF Files in VB.NET Programming Code

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VB.NET TIFF Merging and Combination Overview
Here is a professional and standalone .NET solution which aims to merge & combine two TIFF files into one large-size TIFF document by VB.NET code. c# pdfsharp extract text from pdf, how to edit pdf file in c#, print pdf, read barcode scanner c#, c# excel to pdf open source, c# datamatrix reader. Here we list some key features of this VB.NET TIFF merger control SDK.
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  • High-quality VB.NET TIFF merging control add-on that is designed specifically for .NET developers
  • Powerful VB.NET TIFF merger SDK that can be used in both Windows and Web applications
  • Able to merge two TIFF files and save combined TIFF document as new file in VB.NET image application
  • Allow VB.NET developers to annotate merged TIFF file, if integrated with .NET annotation control toolkit
When you are merging two TIFF files using this VB.NET VB.NET TIFF merger SDK, two compact dlls will be involved, namely, RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll and RasterEdge.Imaging.TIFF.dll. c# create pdf page, read pdf text, c# split pdf itextsharp, reduce pdf file size vb net, c# pdf highlight text, how to create report in pdf using c#, c# draw pdf.
As RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll contains the API which developers can use to load TIFF file from local files and web server (url), this VB.NET TIFF merging SDK also allows developers to combine TIFF files that are drawn from other sources. Besides, RasterEdge.Imaging.TIFF.dll is a multi-functional library which enables developers to conduct other common VB.NET TIFF page processing applications, like TIFF file splitting and TIFF page rotation.
VB.NET Method to Merge TIFF Files
Following is the method that this VB.NET TIFF merger SDK has used to combine two source TIFF files. From the demos of downloaded RasterEdge .NET Image SDK, you will find two similar snippets of sample code. One is used to merge two TIFF files and the other is called TIFF file appending. The essence of those two demos are the same (append one TIFF file to the other one). The difference lies in the outputting results. TIFF merging demo will save merged document to a third TIFF file and TIFF appending demo will conduct the merging performance within one original source TIFF file.
Public Overrides Function MergeDocument(appendDoc As BaseDocument) As BaseDocument
End Function
VB.NET Demo Code to Merge TIFF Files
In this section, we will offer you a detailed VB.NET programming example which you can use to merge two TIFF files and save merged TIFF document as a new TIFF file. This VB.NET TIFF merger SDK allows developers to define the name and storage path of newly merged TIFF file.
Here we make a brief illustration on following VB.NET demo code. As this VB.NET TIFF merger SDK contains independent TIFF decoding API, developers can open two sample TIFF files easily. Then using this VB.NET TIFF merging API, developer can easily append source TIFF file (Sample 2) to target TIFF file (Sample 1). Finally, this VB.NET TIFF merger SDK will save merged TIFF file to another newly TIFF file (Merged.tif).
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.TIFF
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.Core
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic

Namespace WindowsApplication1
Public Partial Class Form1
Inherits Form
Public Sub New()
End Sub
Public Shared FolderName As String = "c:/"

Private Sub button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Dim fileName1 As String = FolderName & "Sample1.tif"
Dim fileName2 As String = FolderName & "Sample2.tif"
Dim fileNameMerged As String = FolderName & "Merged.tif"

Dim doc1 As REDocument = REFile.OpenDocumentFile(fileName1, New TIFDecoder())
'use TIFDecoder open one tif file
Dim doc2 As REDocument = REFile.OpenDocumentFile(fileName2, New TIFDecoder())
'use TIFDecoder open another tif file
Dim docMerged As BaseDocument = doc1.MergeDocument(doc2)
'merge two tif
REFile.SaveDocumentFile(DirectCast(docMerged, REDocument), fileNameMerged, New TIFEncoder())
'save new tif
End Sub
End Class
End Namespace
Q 1: Can I combine multiple TIFF document image files once using this VB.NET TIFF merger SDK API?
A 1: Sorry, this VB.NET TIFF merging API only allows developers to combine two source TIFF files at a time in .NET image application.

Q 2: I have a TIFF merging task, which asks me to insert one whole tiff file into the middle of the other source tiff document using VB.NET code programmatically. Does this VB.NET TIFF merger SDK enable me to finish this task?
A 2: Yes, this VB.NET TIFF merger SDK allows developers to achieve three types of TIFF combination. One is to put a whole TIFF file at the head of the other TIFF document. One is to append one whole TIFF file to the end of the other TIFF file. Another one is to insert a whole TIFF file in the middle of the other TIFF file.

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