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  • How to properly add and insert single or multiple new TIFF pages to the original TIFF document?
  • How to remove and delete certain TIFF page from current TIFF document in VB.NET class?
  • How to precisely and efficiently reorder and rearrange current TIFF document pages according to specific needs?
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High-performance TIFF Pages Modifying Project in VB.NET
VB.NET TIFF Pages Modifier of RasterEdge .NET TIFF Document Processing SDK consists of three main TIFF pages editing and modifying applications, namely, new blank TIFF page adding & inserting, deleting & removing needless TIFF page and sorting & reordering TIFF pages in inverted or arbitrary range. asp net replace text from pdf javascript, how to edit pdf file in c#, pdf viewer free, pdf preview in c#, open excel file in browser, mvc pdf viewer control, display image from memorystream.
Besides its reliable core TIFF pages handling capabilities, this VB.NET TIFF pages editing control also shows its great flexibility on operating platforms. It can be seamlessly integrated within any VB.NET Windows Forms or web application on all Windows document processing systems. Furthermore, MS .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions are perfectly compatible.
Apart from TIFF pages modifying toolkit, there are far more TIFF document processing and editing functions, you can link to VB.NET TIFF file processing component to see more.
How to Add and Insert New Page to TIFF Document
As one of the elementary functions of TIFF pages modifying project in VB.NET class, TIFF page adding and inserting toolkit shows users its huge capabilities on creating TIFF page using an image source and inserting the new blank TIFF page to original TIFF document with just a couple of VB.NET codes. Please refer to following respective TIFF page adding & inserting sample APIs and VB.NET code.

Reliable TIFF Page Adding & Inserting APIs in VB.NET

Beneath these descriptions are the TIFF page adding and inserting demo APIs and methods. And here are two notes for applying them accurately in VB.NET programming:
  • First, with TIFF page adding method "AddPage", users are supposed to add a new page to the TIFF document pages collection at the end with no user-defining option
  • Second, as to TIFF page inserting API and method "InsertPage", users have quiet great freedom to decide to insert new TIFF page at any specified location
Private Sub AddPage(page As BasePage) Implements TIFFDocument.AddPage
End Sub
Private Sub InsertPage(page As BasePage, pageIdx As Integer) Implements TIFFDocument.InsertPage
End Sub

Complete VB Demo Code on TIFF Page Adding & Inserting

''' First, you can create a TIFFPage using an image file and then add it to TIFFDocument
''' </summary>
''' <returns></returns>
Public Function CreateTIFFPage(filePath As [String]) As TIFFPage

' suppose the image file is of the format png
Dim img As New REImage(filePath, ImageFormat.Png)
Dim page As New TIFFPage(img)
Return page

End Function

''' <summary>
''' Insert page to TIFF documnet
''' </summary>
''' <param name="doc"></param>
''' <param name="page"></param>
''' <param name="idx"></param>
Public Sub InsertPageToTIFFDocument(doc As TIFFDocument, page As TIFFPage, idx As Integer)

doc.InsertPage(page, idx)

End Sub

''' <summary>
''' Create an empty TIFF page and insert it to an exsisting TIFFDocument
''' </summary>
''' <param name="doc"></param>
''' <param name="idx"></param>
Public Sub CreateAndInsertEmptyPage(doc As TIFFDocument, idx As Integer)

Dim page As TIFFPage = DirectCast(doc.CreateEmptyPage(), TIFFPage)

doc.InsertPage(page, idx)

End Sub
How to Delete Certain TIFF Page with VB.NET TIFF Pages Modifier
Opposite to page adding & inserting in VB.NET, sometimes, we need to clear and remove the useless and unnecessary TIFF page when we are arranging TIFF document for better viewing or printing. So, what can we do to achieve TIFF page deletion? Please check following TIFF page deleting methods and sample codes in VB.NET to enlighten you!

Detailed Methods of TIFF Page Deletion

Private Sub DeletePage(pageIdx As Integer) Implements TIFFDocument.DeletePage
End Sub

' Or you can update one of the TIFFPage in the TIFFDocument
Private Sub UpdatePage(page As BasePage, pageIdx As Integer) Implements TIFFDocument.UpdatePage
End Sub
APIs and methods instructions:
  • DeletePage: can be called and written for removing and clearing single needless TIFF page in VB.NET programming, and if it is necessary for you to delete multiple TIFF pages with this API, then you can program a cyclic project to reach the goal
  • UpdatePage: managed to update one of the TIFFPage in the TIFFDocument

Use Sample VB Sample Code to Delete TIFF Page

''' </summary>
''' <param name="filePath"></param>
''' <param name="pageIndx"></param>
Public Sub DeletePage(filePath As [String], pageIndx As Integer)
Dim doc As TIFFDocument = DirectCast(REFile.OpenDocumentFile(filePath, New TIFDecoder()), TIFFDocument)
End Sub
How to Sort and Reorder TIFF Pages in Simplest Procedures
After you have added, inserted or deleted defined VB.NET TIFF document page, there may be a mess on TIFF pages order. And what will you do if you want to change or rearrange current TIFF pages? This TIFF pages sorting application will be your best choice for its easy-to-use APIs and free sample code.

TIFF Pages Sorting APIs in VB.NET Project

Private Sub SortPage(pageOrder As List(Of Integer)) Implements TIFFDocument.SortPage
End Sub
Note: method "SortPage" here can be applied to any .NET platform, such as VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET or .NET WinForms. Users can use it to reorder TIFF pages in inverter order or random range.

See Following TIFF Pages Sorting VB Demo Code

''' <summary>
''' Sort TIFF document pages in designed order
''' </summary>
''' <param name="doc"></param>
''' <param name="pageIdxes"></param>
Public Sub sortDocument(doc As TIFFDocument, pageIdxes As List(Of Integer))


End Sub

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