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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK provides users the most comprehensive and stable document Windows and web viewing and operating applications. extract images from pdf file c# itextsharp, print pdf file in c#, convert pdf to jpg c# codeproject, c# winforms pdf, page break in pdf using itextsharp c#, pdf417 c# library. And this page is aimed at demonstrating how to view and process document files in VB.NET web client, including adding and drawing web document annotations in VB code, storing and loading web document annotations to or from SQL database.
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This VB.NET web document annotation library is developed based on the ASP.NET and JavaScript controls that can allow users to create, customize and view annotations on web document page with more than ten primary annotation shapes in VB program. pdfsharp replace text c#, convert docx to pdf, convert powerpoint to pdf c#, combine pdf, c# convert txt to pdf, c# pdf editor, convert pdf to bitmap In addition, after the web document annotations creation, users are able to save the added annotation shapes into SQL database with the help of online step by step guide.
In this web document collaborating tutorial page, users are supposed to get well informed of following aspects:
  • How to implement and activate web document annotation controls into VB project to draw and view annotations
  • How to start and configure VB.NET imaging application to create and add annotations to web source document
  • How to set the SQL database to save the created web annotations
  • How to store and load the annotations from SQL database by using VB.NET sample code
What should be noted on the above four sections is that the previous three parts will display the detailed guide on creating a client capture application that submits target multi-page document to a web service interface to a database. pdf editor in mvc, preview pdf, multipage tiff viewer, mvc open word document in browser, asp net replace text fro pdf free, how to show pdf file in c#, pdf viewer in mvc c#.
Implement Annotation Drawing and Viewing Controls in VB Project
Please note that before you can apply the web document annotating controls to draw and add markup, you are supposed to create a web document viewer in VB ASP.NET at first. After you have finished this operation, you can go on to follow guide tips below.
  1. Firstly, please start and activate the ShowAnnotations property of the WebThumbnailViewer;
  2. Secondly, begin and activate the AutoLinkThumbnailViewer in WebAnnotationsViwer;
  3. And then, drag an HTML button "btnStickyNote" to fix the annotations that will be created;
  4. At last, you need to add another "btnHighlighter" HTML button to highlight annotations.
Draw Annotations Within the VB.NET Web Document Application
After you have finished web annotation control adding, you will know how to draw and create annotation objects to web document page with VB ASP.NET web document application in this part.
  1. Add RasterEdge .NET Imaging Basic and .NET Imaging Web Annotation DLLs to the VB ASP.NET project;
  2. In the Page_Load event handler, create any supported annotation shape as default annotation for StickyNote and Highlighter;
  3. In the default.aspx.cs file, reset all the relevant JavaScript code.
How to Configure the SQL Database to Save Annotations
In this part, we mainly demonstrate how to configure VB.NET SQL database to save the created web document annotations. With the provided imaging saving solutions, users are able to store the added annotations as separate image files. Please refer to following operating tips:
  1. To save the created annotations as separate image fileS, you need to add an "varbinary(MAX)" annotations field to the SQL database first;
  2. Then you need to apply following query to the ImageDatabaseTableAdapter called GetAnnotations within SQL database;
  3. Last, go on adding following UpdateAnnotations query by using SQL code.
How to Save and Load Annotations from SQL Database
Please refer to following guide to store and load web document annotations from SQL database within VB.NET application.

Save Created Annotations in SQL Database

  1. Open the toolbox and drag a server button onto your form and with a user defined name;
  2. Double-click the button to create the event handler and copy the sample code to save annotations as XMP.

Load Annotations from Database

  1. Remove the existing annotations from the previous image by adopting document annotation deleting method;
  2. Load and open the annotations using the query added before.

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