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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

VB.NET Document Management Overview
RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK includes multiple image processing & editing library controls for you to easily build a document management application using Visual Basic .NET programming language. download pdf using itextsharp c#, read pdf in c#, c# pdf to png, add image to pdf using itextsharp, c# ocr pdf, zxing pdf417 c#. We provide reasonable licensing and advanced document processing features to make sure that this powerful document management solution can perfectly meet your requirements.
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With this RasterEdge document management solution built in your VB.NET application, .NET developers will have easier access to view your images and document files, including png, jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp, PDF, Microsoft Word, and multi-page TIFF document. how to compress pdf file size in c#, how to add footer in pdf using itextsharp in c#, pdf preview in c#, how to make pdf password protected in c#, convert pdf to html in c# net free dll, tesseract ocr pdf c#, change pdf metadata. You will be able to load & open these documents and edit / process them as you wish with simple button clicks.
In order to build this document management application with Visual Basic .NET coding, we need to confrom to a few requirements here:
  • .NET Framework 2.0 and later versions supported
  • Compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 / 2008 / 2010 / 2012
  • Installation for RasterEdge Imaging SDK for .NET
This page will provide you with detailed guiding steps and necessary VB.NET codes and more to help build a RasterEdge document management sample application. best pdf preview in asp net c#, how to edit pdf file in c#, c# pdf viewer, itextsharp add image to pdf, asp net remove text from pdf javascript, mvc display pdf, show image c#. Listed below are the main sections that will be demonstrated later on this page:
  • How to configure a website in order to use .NET, VB.NET imaging web controls
  • How to add WebThumbnailViewer and WebAnnotationsViewer to your form
  • How to drop-down list for document navigation in your VB.NET application
  • How to import and load document from database to your web viewer
  • How to add no-postback navigation controls to your web viewer
Besides the document viewing guide for a Visual Basic .NET web viewer, you might also want to take a look at other related user manuals for building sample document management solution.
Configure a Website for Using VB.NET Web Image Controls
In this step, VB.NET developers will configure a website so you can use the RasterEdge .NET Image SDK components. In order to do that, you will need to build your VB.NET image processing application first, then add the ASP.NET web form processing control to your project and then configure the ImageCache.
  • Allow ASP.NET users to have modify access to your project folder;
  • The following XML is used for defining location for the ImageCache and the time for keeping the image cache. Please copy the XML to your appSetting section of your web.congif.
<add key="RasterEdgeWebControls_Cache" value="ImageCache/"/>
<add key="RasterEdgeWebControls_CacheLifeTime" value="60"/>
Add WebThumbnailViewer and WebAnnotationViewer in VB.NET
We will show you how to add a WebThumbnailViewer and a WebAnnotationViewer to your VB.NET application web form.
  • Drag your WebThumnailViewer & WebAnnotationViewer from your MS Visual Studio and drop to your form;
  • Set your ThumbnailViewer properties including position and size (width and height for the web viewers);
  • Connect your viewer with the thumbnails by setting the ViewerID property. Below is the HTML code for the viewers after it has been properly customized:
< table > < tr > <td> <cc1:WebThumbnailViewer
ID="WebThumbnailViewer1" runat="server" Width="150px"
Height="500px" ViewerID="WebAnnotationViewer1" /> </td> <td
style="width:100%"> <cc2:WebAnnotationViewer
ID="WebAnnotationViewer1" runat="server" Height="500px"
Width="100%" /> </td> </ tr > </ table >
Use a Drop-Down List for VB Program Doc Navigation
In this section we will demonstrate how to use a data-bound drop-down list to navigate through documents which are restored in your VB.NET program database.
  • From your Visual Studio toolbox, add a drop-down list to your editing page;
  • Now please bind your drop-down list with the documents stored in your VB.NET program database;
  • Configure the Data Source for the drop-down list and set the display filed and value field;
  • Now please select EnableAutoPostback so you can get a new document when the drop-down list value is changed.
Load Documents from VB.NET Program Database
In this section we will show you how to load documents from your database into your VB.NET web document viewer.
  • Compile VB.NET codings to load the image into WebThumbnailViewer from DBImageSource;
  • Create the static callback method to get the above method for image loading to work;
  • Add VB.NET codes to call the LoadImage() method when the drop-down list has been changed.
Add No-Postback Navigation Controls in VB.NET
We will help you add no-postback navigation controls to the viewer you have created. When you have finished this section, you have completed the steps to get ready for viewing documents from your database repository in a web browser with RasterEdge VB.NET image viewer.
  • Add two HTML buttons to your VB project form: btnFitToWidth and btnViewFullSize;
  • Add event handler in JavaScript by double clicking on your buttons.

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