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TWAIN Scanning Add-On and All of Its Functions in VB.NET Imaging Application

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Using our VB.NET TWAIN Scanning Add-On, you are able to achieve various TWAIN image scanning functions in VB.NET. This page gives you detailed information on these functions. insert image into pdf, how to add image in pdf using itext in c#, add watermark to pdf using itextsharp c#, add image to pdf using itextsharp, print pdf file in c#, data matrix barcode c#. View the page navigation below and you can get desired information more quickly.
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  • Basic introduction of TWAIN standard in VB.NET
  • Basic classes of our .NET TWAIN Scanning Add-On for VB.NET
  • Specific functions of this VB.NET TWAIN Image Scanning Add-On
  • Questions on VB.NET TWAIN image scanning frequently asked by users
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TWAIN Standard Introduction
TWAIN is an industrial standard that was defined by the TWAIN Working Group. It includes the specification, data source manager and sample code. TWAIN links applications and image acquisition devices (such as photo scanners and digital cameras). Without TWAIN, you have to do much work if you need to process a scanned image from image acquisition devices in VB.NET applications. asp net remove image from pdf, open word document in iframe using, pdf preview in c#, how to show pdf file in c#, display pdf in mvc, display image in c#, how to edit pdf file using itextsharp in You have to save the image to local file at first, then open target VB.NET image scanning application to locate the image to the application. But nowadays, almost all image processing software are compatible with TWAIN, like our .NET TWAIN Scanning Add-On for VB.NET. If your software supports TWAIN, access to any TWAIN hardware device installed on the system is available with TWAIN Acquire command. Thus, an acquired image can be placed into the image software without saving it to local file.
Classes for TWAIN Image Scanning
There are four basic classes for this VB.NET TWAIN Image Scanning Add-On. Below is a list of the four classes and their brief explanations.
  • Acquisition Object Class: The Acquisition object is regarded as the only class to be used for integrating standard image acquisition abilities into target VB.NET TWAIN image scanning application. Moreover, if you want to get the Device Object, you can only use methods from Acquisition Object Class.
  • Device Object Class: The Device object can be used to get access to TWAIN compliant devices on the system. You can use it to connect to the device if you want to query and set the device properties in your VB.NET imaging program.
  • DeviceCollection Class: The DeviceCollection contains a collection of Device objects and the collection is readable only. The system default device can be obtained from this connection.
  • DocumentFeeder Class: The DocumentFeeder class entirely controls the automatic document feeder (which enables more than one image to be scanned in one process) contained in most scanners.
Functions of TWAIN Scanning Add-On
VB.NET developers are capable of achieving multiple TWAIN image scanning functions with our .NET TWAIN Scanning Add-On. The following table illustrates all of these functions. Click the link to respective VB.NET guide page and you will get API(s) and demo code for utilizing specific TWAIN image scanning function in VB.NET project.
VB.NET TWAIN: Image Acquisition
Using our VB.NET TWAIN Scanning Add-On, you are able to realize basic image acquisition in VB.NET, use VB demo code to save acquired image to local file and convert acquired image to other supportive file formats in VB.NET project.
VB.NET TWAIN: Device Control
This VB.NET TWAIN Scanning Add-On empowers you to get the Device object through acquisition and use the object to open and close connection to TWAIN devices. Then, you can query and set the TWAIN device abilities, achieve featured scanning and specify the size and location for TWAIN scanning.
VB.NET TWAIN: Scanning Examples
With our VB.NET TWAIN Scanning Add-On, it is available to implement console based TWAIN scanning and scan multiple pages into a single PDF document in VB.NET application.
FAQs on TWAIN Scanning in VB Class
Q: Can I conduct duplex scanning with your VB.NET TWAIN Scanning Add-On?
A: Of course, you can achieve automatic and duplex TWAIN image scanning in VB.NET with our product.
Q: Is it possible to scan many pages into TIFF document file using your product?
A: Yes, our VB.NET TWAIN Scanning Add-On not only supports scanning many pages into TIFF document, but also allows for scanning many pages into PDF document.

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