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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

If you are working with a Microsoft Office Word 2007 document or any later version and asking how to create and generate a barcode on Word page, then, you will find answers in this page by using the market-leading and mature RasterEdge VB.NET Word Barcode Creator. add image to pdf, edit pdf file using itextsharp c#, c# pdfsharp merge pdf sample, c# tiff, convert excel to pdf using c# windows application, c# multipage tiff to bitmap.
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  • What is RasterEdge Word document barcode adding library? And how does it work with MS Word file within VB.NET developing platform?
  • Using what kind of methods in VB class can achieve the goal of creating linear or 2d barcodes on Word page?
  • What are the specific barcode types supported by your VB.NET Word barcode inserting control?
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SDK Overview
With this VB.NET Word Barcode Add-on SDK of RasterEdge .NET Barcode Add-on, no matter you are professional developer or non-technique end user, you can seamlessly add linear 1D and 2D barcodes creation capability to your VB.NET imaging Word document application. c# pdf viewer, edit pdf, show image in core mvc, core pdf preview, remove text from pdf online, asp net remove image from pdf, core mvc pdf viewer.
Our VB.NET Word barcode creating library is different from other barcode creators in that it can empower users with huge capabilities to draw and generate single or multiple 1D or 2D barcodes on certain Word file page. Furthermore, users can also define the specific barcode locating area on Word page.
Apart from barcode creation on Word document in VB.NET application, with the technique support of RasterEdge .NET imaging barcode generator, users can also create and generate any target linear and 2D barcode on many other image and document forms with Visual Basic .NET class code: like barcode symbols creating tutorials on image forms, how to draw linear barcodes on PDF document in VB.NET and VB.NET code to create QR code, Data Matrix and PDF 417 on multi-page TIFF file.
Barcoding Methods
Here we demonstrate the sample methods for creating and combining barcode to Word document page. Following list of APIs are certainly compatible with VB.NET application as well as other .NET Framework developing environments, for instance, Visual C#.NET, ASP.NET and .NET Windows Forms.
Private Function GetPage(pageIndex As Integer) As BasePage Implements DOCXDocument.GetPage
End Function
Private Function ToImage() As BaseImage Implements BaseBarcode.ToImage
End Function
Private Sub AddImage(img As REImage, positionX As Single, positionY As Single) Implements DOCXPage.AddImage
End Sub
Please read four explanations of above methods:
  • DOCXDocument & DOCXPage: the former one contains all the interfaces and applications of Word document product; and the later one is the sub-level of DOCXDocument, and stands for the virtual Word document operations at page level.
  • GetPage: applied to load and input any certain Word page to be added with barcode.
  • AddImage: the created barcode will be renderd into an image and combined with the embedded Word page.
Supported Barcodes
From the following table, users will have a clear mind on all the supported linear and 2D barcode types within RasterEdge VB.NET Imaging Word Barcode Generating Control Library.
VB Image: Word Data Matrix Creation VB Image: Create Identcode on Word
Users are able to create and customize 2D Data Matrix barcode on any target Word page by using RasterEdge .NET Imaging Word Barcode Creating DLL within VB application. If you want to create customized linear Identcode barcode on certain area of Word page, this VB.NET Word Barcode Creator can fulfill your needs.
VB Image: Generate Micro PDF417 on Word VB Word Imaging: Intelligent Mail Generation
Micro PDF417 creating control of VB.NET Barcode Generator Add-on can allow users to draw single Micro PDF417 barcode on Word page in a few lines VB code. Intelligent Mail barcode generating application enables users to create and add Intelligent Mail barcode on multiple Word pages at one time in VB project.
VB Imaging: Micro QR Code Generation on Word VB Imaging: Interleaved 2 of 5 Creation on Word
Using our Word Barcode Generating SDK in VB.NET application, users can customize the Word created Micro QR Code barcode image size, resolution, color, ect. We provide users the mature and flexible API to create Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode on Word document that is compatible with VB image projects.
VB.NET Code to Create PDF417 on Word VB Word Imaging: ISBN Barcode Creation
Users are supposed to use our Word Barcode Drawing toolkit to generate PDF417 on specific Word page, and use VB Image Processing SDK to handle the created barcode image. Use the ISBN barcode drawing functions of VB Word Barcode Add-on to create any desired ISBN barcode on Word and save the created barcode image with the existing Word file.
VB.NET Word: Create 2D QR Code VB.NET Word: ISSN Barcode Generating
As the most comprehensive barcode generating tool in the market, Word Barcode Creating DLL can be combined within VB project to create and define QR code barcode on Word page. Like creating ISBN barcode on Word document, drawing ISSN 1D barcodes on several Word pages also can be an easy work if you apply our Word Barcode Creator in VB.
Use VB.NET Code to Generate Codabar on Word Word ITF-14 Creation and Cutomization in VB.NET
VB Word Codabar Generating Application in VB program enables users to create a particular Codabar image on Word file by customizing barcode width and height. Users can refer to the online guide to create ITF-14 barcode on Word page by using Word Barcode Add-on toolkit and save the created barcode image as separate image file.
VB.NET Example for Code 11 Creation on Word VB.NET Image: Word Leitcode Creation
Using this complete Word Barcode Creating tool in VB.NET application, users are capable of creating, customizing, saving and printing Code 11 barcode image easily. After you have created designed Leitcode barcode on Word document, you also can print Leitcode barcode image in both high and low resolution.
VB.NET Image: Word Code 2 of 5 Creation VB.NET Demo: MSI Plessey Creation on Word
If you want to find a Code 2 of 5 barcode creating library that can be seamlessly combined within Word document manage system in VB class, RasterEdge VB Word Barcode Generating SDK is your best choice. If users are not familiar with creating MSI Plessey barcode on Word file, we suggest you apply this easy to use Word Barcode Creator in VB.NET.
How to Create Code 39 on Word in VB Code How to Generate PLANET on Word in VB Code
With this VB.NET Word Code 39 generating component, users can easily and efficiently specify Code 39 barcode font style within VB sample code. In the tutorial of PLANET barcode creating on Word, we display all the customizable PLANET barcode parameters in order to help users create an individualized barcode image.
Code 93 Creation on Word in VB.NET POSTNET Creation on Word in VB.NET
With RasterEdge fully developed barcode creating library, users can quickly create a monochrome or bitional Code 93 barcode image on Word page in VB project. RasterEdge Word Barcode Creator offers users the comprehensive solutions to adjust POSTNET barcode margins by using VB code.
How to Generate Code 128 on Word in VB.NET VB.NET Demo for Word RM4SCC Creation
By using our Word Code 128 Creating APIs, users are able to adopt several methods for further Code 128 image barcode generating on Word file in VB application. Unlike the commonly used barcode type, RM4SCC barcode creating may be not so well informed for user, however, using our Word barcode creating technique, you can do it easily.
Word in VB.NET: EAN-8 Creation Guide VB.NET Imaging: Word UPC-A Creation Tutorial
With our award winning Word Barcode Generator, the EAN-8 barcode check digit can be automatically added to perfect the EAN-8 barcode creation. We provide both developers and end users with the detailed UPC-A Word barcode generating VB.NET guide, thus, users can create and specify UPC-A barcode on Word easily.
VB.NET Word: EAN-13 Image Creation VB.NET Word UPC-E Barcode Creation
Creating EAN-13 barcode on certain Word page is like the operation of EAN-8 generation, please link the page to get well organized VB.NET tutorial. After users have created UPC-E on Word page, you can apply our .NET Imaging Processing SDK to resize UPC-E barcode image and adjust its color mode.
Use VB Code to Generate GS1-128 on Word
VB.NET Word GS1-128 Barcode Creating technique is based on the industry barcode writing standard. And it can ensure users the high quality of Word GS1-128 creating.

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