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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

Here is a Visual Basic .NET Barcode Reader Control Add-On for Word document, which is developed to help .NET programmers detect and recognize barcode images from source Word document page without having any dependency on Microsoft Office tools. c# pdfsharp print document, pdf, code to extract text from pdf, c# convert pdf to image itextsharp, pdf text extract, c# qr code reader open source. You can download the free trial version of our VB.NET Word Barcode Reader to evaluate certain barcode reading from target Word document page in VB.NET application. From this page, you will get to know:
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  • Detailed APIs to read and decode linear and 2D barcode images from source Word document page through VB.NET programming
  • Barcode symbologies supported by our Word barcode reading library for .NET application using VB language
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Private Function ToImage() As BaseImage Implements DOCXPage.ToImage
End Function
Private Sub Scan(img As REImage, type As BarcodeType) Implements BarcodeScanner.Scan
End Sub
Private Sub ScanRegions(img As REImage, type As BarcodeType, setting As Setting) Implements BarcodeScanner.ScanRegions
End Sub
The above APIs can be used to detect and read barcode image from source Word document page in VB.NET project. load pdf file c#, how to add header and footer in pdf using itextsharp in, core open excel file, mvc open word document in browser, pdf viewer in mvc c#, pdf preview, pdf editor component. Using our VB.NET Word Barcode Reader, you are able to specify barcode type and offset to read in VB.NET program. Two main objects will be used in the program: DOCXDocument and DOCXPage. DOCXDocument refers to an abstraction of source Word document and DOCXPage refers to single document page included in the DOCXDocument object.
All Barcode Symbologies
From this part, you will know all 1d and 2d barcode types that can be read from Microsoft Word document page (.docx file) by our VB.NET Word barcode scanning and decoding control. In the following table, link to each barcode reading guide in VB.NET application is provided.
VB.NET Guide for Word Data Matrix Reading How to Recognize Interleaved 2 of 5 from Word
How to do Data Matrix barcode recognition from Word file using VB.NET code? VB.NET demo code to read & decode Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode image from Word.
Use VB.NET Code to Decode PDF-417 from Word VB.NET Solution for Decoding ISBN from Word
VB.NET programming example on PDF 417 barcode image scanning from Word document. VB.NET ISBN barcode reader component to recognize barcode image from Word file.
VB.NET: Read QR Code Barcode from Word VB.NET: ISSN Barcode Scanning from Word
VB.NET barcode scanner SDK to decode 2D QR Code barcode image from Word document file. How to detect and read multiple ISSN barcode images from Word document file using VB.NET code?
VB.NET: Read Australia Post from Word Word ITF-14 Barcode Reading Guide in VB.NET
Professional VB.NET Word Australia Post barcode reader SDK for .NET Framework applications. Standalone .NET ITF-14 barcode decoder add-on for VB.NET Word imaging applications.
Detect Codabar Barcode from Word in VB.NET VB.NET: Scan Leitcode Barcode from Word
Codabar barcode image reading & recognition from Word file using VB.NET code. VB.NET barcode reader add-on to decode Leitcode barcode image from Word file.
VB.NET Tutorial: Word Code 39 Barcode Scanning VB.NET: Read Patch Code Barcode from Word
How to detect Code 39 barcode image from VB.NET Word imaging applications? Patch Code barcode scanner control to decode barcode from Word using VB.NET.
VB.NET: Recognize Code 93 Barcode from Word How to Achieve Word PLANET Decoding in VB.NET
Use VB.NET code to decode Code 93 barcode image from Word document file. Mature VB.NET barcode reader SDK to decode all PLANET barcode images from source Word file.
VB.NET: Read Code 128 Barcode from Word VB.NET: Decode POSTNET Barcode from Word
Decode and recognize Code 128 barcode image from Word independently using VB.NET. 100% managed VB.NET solution to read POSTNET barcode image from Word.
VB.NET: Recognize EAN-8 Barcode from Word VB.NET: Word RM4SCC Barcode Reader
Accurately & quickly read & decode EAN-8 barcode image from Word document file. How to read RM4SCC barcode image from defined area of Word document file using VB.NET?
VB.NET: Word EAN-13 Barcode Detecting SDK VB.NET: Word UPC-A Barcode Image Decoder
Online tutorial page for EAN-13 barcode recognition from Word document file by VB.NET code. VB.NET linear UPC-A barcode reading & decoding control for Word (DOCX) file.
VB.NET: Decode Identcode Barcode from Word VB.NET: Read UPC-E Barcode Image from Word
Add VB.NET Identcode barcode reading & scanning features to .NET developing platform. Integrate Word UPC-E barcode image decoding functions into VB.NET class applications.
VB.NET: Word Intelligent Mail Scanner
Guide to detect and decode Intelligent Mail barcode in VB.NET Word processing applications.

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