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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

Using RaterEdge .NET Imaging Viewer SDK and MS Word DLL, users are able to quickly create and build a high-quality, full-featured and safe-based Word Document Mobile Viewer application in VB.NET imaging project that enables programmers and end users to load, navigate, view, annotate and process Word document file. print to pdf, add image in pdf using itextsharp in c#, utility to convert excel to pdf in c#, how to add header and footer in pdf using itextsharp in c# with example, edit pdf c#, c# wpf preview pdf.
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This VB.NET Word Mobile Viewer is created based on the JavaScript and ASP.NET control technique with zero footprint and no any external flash player plugins are needed. c# parse pdf form, itextsharp convert pdf to image c#, c# create pdf, c# resize pdf file, code to extract text from pdf, pdf to jpg c#, pdf preview. After you have integrated this VB.NET Word Mobile Viewer within your single or multiple threaded application(s), you can simply convert your any mobile device into a Word document reader and processor with specific operations listed in the featuring part. What's more, if you combine this Word Mobile Viewer within a tablet-like device, you are supposed to view and operate target Word page(s) with your fingers by using our .NET Document Image Viewing Touch technique, which will come soon.
Users can get following instructions for this Word Document Mobile Viewer in VB.NET program:
  • Detailed features and functions of Word Mobile Viewer in VB doc imaging program
  • How to create a Word Viewer for mobile devices with the help of RasterEdge ASP.NET and JavaScript technologies
Word Mobile Viewer Feature List in VB Class Project
  • Easy to incorporate RasterEdge .NET Imaging Viewer SDK with MS Word Docx controls in VB project
  • Directly convert your Android, iOS or Windows mobile device into a Word document viewing and processing tool
  • Mature navigation system allows users to get to previous or next page just within a mouse link
  • Add, reorder and even remove Word document page(s) on VB.NET application mobile viewer
  • Use VB.NET code to zoom in/out and fit desired Word page(s) in the appropriate viewer width and height
  • Easy to adjust the Word page(s) angle within 360 degrees on VB Word Mobile Viewer
  • Process Word web page(s) within a few steps, including adding antique effect, sharpening, cropping, etc.
  • Variable primary annotation shapes are available for drawing annotation objects to Word file
  • Download and save the current VB.NET project Word page or the entire file to local disk
In addition to Word document, RasterEdge .NET Imaging Mobile Viewer technologies still support other image and document forms, like png, gif, bmp, jpeg, tiff, pdf, and dicom. For the respective tutorials of these Document or Image Mobile Viewer in VB.NET prorgam, please link to see: PDF Document Mobile Viewer within VB.NET application, VB.NET demo code to create TIFF File Viewer for mobile project.
VB.NET Class Code to Create Word Mobile Viewer
Following clear and comprehensive operating steps demonstrate how to create a user-defined Word Document Mobile Viewer with the technique of RasterEdge .NET Imaging Viewer SDK JavaScript and VB.NET Word Library. excel viewer c#, show image mvc, pdf viewer component, mvc pdf viewer control, preview pdf, remove text from pdf online, how to edit pdf file using itextsharp in Please notice that our test environments are Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 (of course, all the greater versions are supported), and you need to make sure that you have installed these software on your computer first. And one more important thing is that, you have to download our free DocImage SDK for .NET package and activate your developer license, please link to see how to activate and use DocImage SDK for .NET Trial SDK license.
Now, you may start your Word Mobile Viewer creation step by step:
  1. Open Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012;
  2. Begin a website project with Visual Basic language and add a customized file name;
  3. Add all RasterEdge .NET Image SDK and Word libraries to your website project: right-click on project item, choose "Add Reference...", select all the dlls, and click "OK";
  4. Copy and paste package folder "RasterEdge_Imaging_Files" to your created website folder;
  5. Embed "RasterEdge.css" and "RasterEdge.js" references to Visual Studio "Default.aspx" head tag;
  6. Move package folder "Demo_Docs" under the SDK package to your created website project folder;
  7. Add a new Web.Config by right-click "Add New Item...", click "Web Configuration File", name it as "Web.config", and click button "Add";
  8. Copy package file "Web.config" content to this created Web.config;
  9. Replace the <body> content of created website Default.aspx with corresponding content of the downloaded package Default.aspx. The buttons displayed on web page can be customized (add or delete);
  10. Find <div id="_tblImgs" class="re_content" style="width:100%" ></div> content in Defaul.aspx, and add following javascript to create Word mobile viewer;
    <div id="_tblImgs" class="re_content" style="width:100%" >
    <script type="text/javascript">
  11. In Default.aspx.cs, define "fileUrl" and "SessionId" settings. Then, add "ImageUrl", "DocWidth", "DocHeight", "ThumbWidth", and "ThumbHeight" and adjust all the relative parameters;
  12. Copy and add the all the required javascript in Default.aspx, for the detailed sample code, please link to online RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET developer guide.

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