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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

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  • How to install VB.NET Word rendering SDK with least steps?
  • What Word rendering parameters can I adjust using VB.NET code?
  • Can you offer public programming interfaces for me to customize Word converting process?
  • Why do I choose RasterEdge VB.NET Word converting SDK?
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Easy Installation
The installation of this VB.NET Word converting control SDK is extremely easy. After you download the trial version of VB.NET Word conversion toolkit from the download link, unzip it and run the license manager .exe file first. asp net replace text from pdf javascript, display tiff images, how to upload pdf file in database using c#, preview pdf, pdf writer, display pdf in iframe mvc, remove image from pdf page. Once your license .txt file is created, which can be activated only twice within one computer and each license file will expire within one month, you can copy generated license key at the bin folder of your VB.NET project.
After you create your valid license key, it is time for you to integrate this VB.NET Word converting plug-in into your VB.NET application. And you can quickly finish this task by adding RasterEdge dlls to your project references directly.
Note: before installing this VB.NET Word conversion library add-on, please make sure that you have installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (or later versions) and .NET Framework 2.0 (or later versions, including .NET Framework 4.5). Here we just briefly talk about the VB.NET Word processing installing steps. If you have any question about the installation or developer license issue, please feel free to contact our technical team via E-mail.
Word Rendering Options
This VB.NET Word converting library SDK enables developers to create a featured Word converting application by adjusting rendering options. Here we list two main parameters that you can customize in the VB.NET Word converting process.

Image Resolution

RasterEdge VB.NET Word converting plug-in allows developers to determine the image resolution when they are trying to convert and render Word page to other raster image files. As we know, the resolution of a digital image is determined by the number of pixels/dots that make up the source image. The more dots that are used to create an image, the sharper it will look. Therefore, the higher the image resolution is, the more information will be stored for an image of a given size.

Bit Depth

This VB.NET Word converter control SDK also enables developers to decide the color depth of converted image file. Bit depth is used to describe the maximum number of colors that are used in the image. Thus, image with higher bit depth can encode more colors and make source image look more realistic.
APIs for Featured Word Conversion
In this part, respective APIs for adjusting image resolution and bit depth in the VB.NET Word rendering process are listed below.
Private Function ToImage(resolutionX As Integer, resolutionY As Integer) As BaseImage Implements DOCXPage.ToImage
End Function
Private Function ToImage(resolutionX As Integer, resolutionY As Integer, bitDepth As Integer) As BaseImage Implements DOCXPage.ToImage
End Function
Why RasterEdge Word Converting SDK
From above content, you may know the capacity of this VB.NET Word converter control add-on to help developers customize Word rendering options. Now we will illustrate other features that this VB.NET Word conversion SDK has owned.

Able to Convert Word File Using Visual C# Code As Well As Visual Basic Code

This VB.NET Word converter is designed for .NET developers and it supports both VB.NET and C# programming languages. With designed .NET APIs, you may easily load Word file to your VB.NET or C#.NET Word rendering project.

Allow VB.NET Developers to Convert Word Page to Various Document Image Formats

Raster image files, like png, jpeg, gif, tiff and bmp, vector image format, like svg, and PDF file are all supported by this VB.NET Word conversion add-on

Own High Compatibility with Other VB.NET Word Processing DLLs

If integrated with other Word page processing functions, this VB.NET Word converter control plug-in can be also used to edit source Word file at page level, like Word page inserting or removing one Word page.

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